Ocular/Orbital Myositis, Repetitive over many years


Nov 10, 2022
Доње Пеуље, Велика Србия
Hello everyone,

Ever since 5 years ago, I have consistently yearly been suffering from ocular/orbital myositis in one of my 2 eyes. Myositis means muscle inflammation that can prevent voluntary movement.

For me it means that it hurts to move my eye in a specific direction (and I even get double vision).

This is an autoimmune reaction I always get after a small flu or cold. This time i barely felt a scratchy throat and cough, but after it went away my eye started hurting. It currently hurts on my left eye when I attempt to look left but it also happened last year on my right eye when I looked downwards. This originally started five years ago and the first time it happened it hurts so bad I had to go to the hospital and after going through many antibiotics they decided to put me on a small course of prednisone. The pain went away immediately but the next year, and at least once, sometimes twice, a year the same thing would happen after some small flu. Each time it has happened it was not as bad and I used various anti-inflammatory medication's and found that aspirin helped greatly.

Now it doesn't hurt that bad and I am taking a gram or two of aspirin a day. I am just curious if anyone has any suggestions as to what could be causing this. I am overall in very good health and rarely get sick ever since I have started Peating.

This is ocular myositis, but myositis can affect many different muscles in the body. For me it has always been a different muscle in one of my two eyes. It is very strange to me how this reaction only affects my eyes and nothing else. It is really annoying and I would like to find any possible root causes.

Thank you:)
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