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  1. ChetnikPeater

    Ocular/Orbital Myositis, Repetitive over many years

    Hello everyone, Ever since 5 years ago, I have consistently yearly been suffering from ocular/orbital myositis in one of my 2 eyes. Myositis means muscle inflammation that can prevent voluntary movement. For me it means that it hurts to move my eye in a specific direction (and I even get...
  2. Sascha6990

    Ideas on how to heal a cystic chalazion

    For a few years now I've had a very small chalazion which didn't bother me but recently it has increased in size a bit, it's visible and I'm thinking time has come to deal with it. I've looked around on the internet and asked at the pharmacy and it seems like the only way to get rid of a...
  3. Artynoa

    Allergic eye inflammation sucks.

    Hello! Im Peating now since about 2 Years and improved especially my poor digestion with pro metabolic Food. Im 32, male and since 9 years i have bad eye allergy Problems every time Spring season comes. I have to emphasize that my work requires to drive about 2 hours everyday with my E cooter or...
  4. Hans

    How To Restore Your Vision

    Since my wife and I had some vision-related issues a while ago due to stress and such, I thought to write an article about it to help others as well. Check it out and let me know your thoughts: How to restore your eye health naturally if you're working behind a screen for long hours » MenElite
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