Magnesium,Fat and feeling (too) mellow


Nov 21, 2012
Hi All,

Ok,so just now i probably scarfed down about 200/300grams of semifat goatcheese and spooned up maple syrup with it.
Weird thing is part of my mind is freaking out about that binge(probably hit the 3000daily cals.there),yet i feel somewhat too relaxed to be bothered or like being really active.
I feel mellow and even like sitting down or go to bed early and read. Part of me likes this positive frame of mind,yet theres also a part who doesnt like it bc it reminds me too much of my chubby past,where i felt constantly fatigued/lazy,sat around all day like most people,not feeling like exercising/working out.

So,i was wondering if its the magnesium or sat.fat causing this mellowniss,or the combination of both?

(i almost suspect this must be what it feels like to smoke pot;))


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Jan 4, 2012
I would just enjoy the moment. ;)


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Nov 21, 2012
Ive read. Several times on here,that fat&sugar before bed is good. I went to bed feeling ok,but when i woke up this morning i felt so anxious for some. Reason. As the nigths i go to bed feeling more lethargic,anxious,fantasizing about food i usually wake up feeling a bit less anxious.

That makes. Totally no sense to me. Am i from another planet or something?

Btw,after eating that and sometimes after eating other meals or after pooping,i get this mildly warm glow in the back of my neck. Is that thyroid kicking in,adrenals relaxing,raised metabolism,more calories&fatburning or what is that?
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