Ray Peat Interview June 2021 - DR, RP, GD - #61: Bodybuilding and Steroids | Progesterone for Men? | Basic Bioenergetic Therapies with Ray Peat

David PS

Jan 5, 2016

Thanks. Here are the time stamps.

00:00 - Start setup music
03:03 - Skip startup Music, why are we doing a fundraiser?
05:01 - Trestolone 7α-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT), activation of the androgen receptor, adding a methyl group to a steroid makes it risky
07:49 - What would Ray do if he had Crohn's disease? Mycobacteria, supplementing with cellulose
12:59 - Cortisol blockers for weight loss? Progesterone, thyroid
13:41 - Do you want to increase ceruloplasmin? Copper toxicity
15:58 - Does nitric oxide work like viagra?
17:39 - Lactose-free milk and is aspirin safe to take every day?
18:46 - Low sperm count, varicocele, aspirin, progesterone, thyroid, testosterone, estrogen
21:17 - Ray's thoughts on ivermectin, vitamin D, coronavirus
25:49 - Hypothyroidism in children?
27:56 - Can thyroid hormone lower the temperature?
31:23 - Why are people getting flu and cold symptoms right now?
33:06 - Is vaccination a tradeoff?
35:22 - What steroids would be useful for building big muscles? Testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, 'thyroid is the basic anabolic hormone'
39:55 - Sleep apnea, CPAP, CO2, hypothyroidism, progesterone, acetazolamide
43:29 - Diabetic pain in the feet, T4 only therapy, thyroid gland removal, armour, cynoplus, cynomel
46:05 - Progest-E by Kenogen, email Katherine at kenogen@gmail.com, progesterone as a basic stabilizing factor
48:01 - Ray's thoughts on ethically composing a "cosmic diet"
49:28 - Benign tumor metabolism, progesterone, fibrosis, estrogen, nitric oxide
51:41 - Gynecomastia, vitamin D, progesterone, thyroid, aspirin
52:28 - When did the U.S. transform into an empire?
55:59 - Inability to ejaculate and get an erection, getting blood tests, low heart rate, hypothyroidism
57:52 - Herbs for DHT production?
58:32 - Can T3 harm the thyroid gland if used chronically?
01:01:20 - Pregnenolone, adrenal suppression, progesterone, stress
01:05:32 - Increasing libido and energy in a young woman after childbirth, vitamin D, calcium, thyroid
01:06:34 - How to reverse the aging process? CO2 as a cardinal adsorbent, flavanoids, fisetin
01:14:29 - Raising levels of the ACE2 enzyme for health, anti-viral effects of progesterone
01:17:09 - Getting rid of acne scars
01:18:15 - Taking thyroid but the morning temperature isn't increasing
01:19:04 - Diabetes, swollen purple legs, and significant edema, vitamin D, calcium, progesterone, thyroid, a lower-fat diet
01:20:30 - Best things to increase mitochondrial function, CO2, angiotensin inhibitors
01:21:20 - Correcting a thyroid nodule, TSH
01:22:06 - Excess saliva
01:22:38 - 16-year old breast cancer, estrogen, progesterone, aspirin, thyroid
01:23:21 - T3 and body odor, sulfur soap
01:24:12 - Nicotine as a prometabolic substance?
01:25:52 - How to lengthen the luteal phase?
01:26:48 - A daily progesterone amount for men?
01:28:23 - Is the Herxheimer reaction real? Harry Rubin's findings about cancer treatment
01:32:18 - A bioenergetic view of THC and CBD?
01:34:13 - Ray's essential 'prepper' food items
01:37:19 - Lump in the throat from cynoplus and cynomel, how much is too much with T3? Does Ray chew the cynoplus/cynomel?
01:39:19 - Varicose veins from progesterone or pregnenolone? What's a big dose of progesterone?
01:42:19 - What does Ray think of the croissant diet?
01:43:32 - What amount of alcohol is enough for lipofuscin?
01:44:21 - How to restore the outer layer of the adrenal gland?
01:45:15 - Can the temperature and pulse be maintained by stress? How long does it take to adapt to a thyroid supplement?
01:48:22 - What is Ray working on right now?
01:49:48 - Magnetofection?
01:51:07 - How to use progesterone to post-pone menopause?
01:51:59 - Benefits of allopregnanolone?
01:52:54 - Very dry palms, hypothyroidism, sebum, sweat
01:53:34 - How to tell if sugar is converting into CO2 or lactic acid?
01:54:02 - 1000 calories for weight loss? RU486 cortisol blocker, how many calories to eat?
01:56:47 - Kids dying as the result of vaccination

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Oct 19, 2019
Milk and fruit for a cosmic diet 🪐
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