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    Jul 22, 2012
    Re: Ray Peat Interview - One Radio Network

    I agree, Mittir.
    You mentioned "facts."
    I happened to be listening to a rather obscure (but very good!) Peat interview,
    "World PUJA."
    The host asked Peat if there was such a thing as a "scientific fact."
    Peat replied:

    "People mean different things when they say a "fact."
    But I think there is such a thing as a fact,
    which is the experience,
    the actual substance that is perceived.
    But then we live in a world of meaning,
    and those perceptions...
    it's sort of like the Gestalt Theory illustrations--
    they have pictures of ambiguous figures,
    profiles and a face,
    or a young girl and an old hag--
    in which some people will see one picture
    and the others will see the other.
    That process of imposing meaning on those experiential facts--
    you can have an absolutely clear experience and event,
    then different people will interpret it
    and impose their meaning on it differently.
    And that is where science becomes very much like [couldn't make out] I was studying in linguistics.
    We live in a universe of meanings,
    which for most people is nothing but the culture and language
    that they grew up knowing.
    So an ant and I can experience a similar situation,
    and I will tend to agree with the ant
    more than I'll agree with a biologist or a physicist."
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    Re: Ray Peat Interview - One Radio Network

    narouz, we were eager for the reports on your T3-only experiment. what happened?
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Re: Ray Peat Interview - One Radio Network

    RP studied psychology, linguistics,fine arts,biology and he also taught a
    course " Physics for biology". I am quite impressed by his understanding
    of physics. Biologists are usually not that good in physics.
    He is a very different kind of scientist.
    I think in that quote , he is talking about people from linguist's point of view.
    Most people do not have open mind, even people who studies
    advanced science. He is talking about people, not the science.
    But,there are brilliant people in every discipline.
    Not every one trained in science has a scientific mind.
    But one can not become scientist without proper training.
    He sometime talks in philosophical tone, which can confuse some people.
    When he says question everything, that does not mean a person
    who barely understand high school level science start
    questioning a PhD level work without having prerequisite knowledge.
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    Feb 7, 2013
    Re: Ray Peat Interview - One Radio Network

    It's a brilliant statement by Ray, suitable to every discipline. Science does not have a monopoly on the truth, and has failed miserably in its pursuit.

    Makes perfect sense since unlike the biologist or physicist, the ant views the experience with complete clarity, free of the authoritarian culture and preconceived notions the other two are riddled with.

    Reminds me of a Rumi quote.