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  1. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview Feb 2021 - Roddy, Dinkov, Peat - #51: Heat Shock Proteins | Antibiotic Resistance | DHT Safety | Energy and Aging

    Surprised that I don't see it posted yet. Very good audio-only interview on all accounts.
  2. L

    Ray Peat Interview Jan 2020 - Danny Roddy, Ray Peat, Georgi Dinkov - #47: The Power Elite | Vaccines | Hair Loss | UFOs | Surviving The Great Reset

    IMO Dr. Peat sounded pretty tired and weak... first time I've heard him like that.
  3. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview One Radio Network - January 18, 2021

    It's only as audio podcast now: https://oneradionetwork.com/all-shows/dr-ray-peat-dr-faucis-absolute-or-none-approach-is-cult-thinking-not-science-january-18-2021/
  4. rothko

    Recommendations for Books on Evolution of Metabolism

    Hello! Im interested in the evolution of metabolic processes. I have found academic books which are focused on the very minute, but nothing that would be useful to me. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was looking at Nick Lane's vital question. Mae-Won Ho? Gerald Pollack? Ling? I am...
  5. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview One Radio Network - December 21, 2020

    https://oneradionetwork.com/health/dr-ray-peat-ph-d-covid-19-vaccines-conspiracy-theories-your-health-questions-answered-december-21-2020/ Apparently Patrick was censored by Youtube already so nothing to see there.
  6. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview KMUD - 10pm ET, Dec 18 2020

    The show is now in KMUD Archives as 'Friday Night Talk' http://archive.kmudfm.org/archive/index.php
  7. Giraffe

    Foundational Hormones - (World Vision Network) Maureen Moss, 2009-10-10

    This is an old interview that has not been posted here as far as I can see.
  8. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview One Radio Network - November 16, 2020

  9. JayDee

    2020.06.10 : Jodellefit : Dr Ray Peat Q&A - Weight Loss, Stretch Marks, Hydrogen, Negative Ions

    2020.06.10 | Dr Ray Peat Q&A - Weight Loss, Stretch Marks, Hydrogen, Negative Ions and More! (Many of the questions reduced to their essence.) JodelleFit: How have you been doing? [in corona times] Ray Peat PhD: Very well. Investigating, as far as I can, what's been going on. My first...
  10. pauljacob

    Confusing Info From RP About Coconut Oil And Butter

    I've heard RP recommend butter and coconut oil in many videos and interviews, yet in this video he says they cause cancer and are loaded with PUFA, and eventually will kill you. Anyone cares to explain this confusing info. For the past couple of months I've stopped using EVOO and starting using...
  11. J

    Bart Kay Claims Ray Has Dementia

    I'm kind of pissed rn. The clown bart kay and his friend are calling out Ray Peat and calling him demented and saying his thought flow was slow. I think for his old age, Ray thinks incredibly clearly and puts together words eloquently enough to understand. [Minute: 57-59]
  12. MatheusPN

    Ray Peat Search Engine

    Unfortunately, the L-I-G-H-T project was canceled, now something similar exists: Ray Peat Search Who was the creator? Hereinafter will be ours!
  13. T

    Ray's View Of Causes Of Vulvodynia

    Hi Guys, I've asked Ray's about causes of vulvodynia and treatment for this disease. I was also interested if it could be related to estrogen and endometriosis. I've got a really nice explanation form Ray and would like to share it with you. Maybe you could also suggest other treatments that...
  14. Energizer

    Ray Peat Interviews By Danny Roddy

    Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  15. L

    Ray Peat Interview July 2020 - One Radio Network

  16. Mauritio

    The Policosanols Thread

    In his latest interview with danny roddy and @haidut ray peat talked about policosanols beeing best at replacing stores PUFA over time. They start talking about it at about 1:33:00 Now this is an important topic ,yet I haven't found much info on it. Why dont we compile some info here and...
  17. Lejeboca

    ORN 2020-06-15: Dr. Peat On COVID Testing, Exosomes, EMFs, Gray Hair, Vaccines, Aging

    Patrick Timpone (PT): oneradionetwork.com. well welcome to our to or part 2. [Announcements of the next guests.] Please just use the email this morning for some reason for some reason we just can't get the 800 number to be working this morning so well we'll work on that have it for you...
  18. md_a

    Ray Peat's Newsletter - This Novel Flu Season - May 2020

    Buteyko and Other Scientific health and educational Issues At my request, Ray Peat, PhD www.raypeat.com Has released his recently completed May 2020 newsletter below for free distribution to those who wish to do so. He has also Similarly released his previous March 2020 newsletter which is a...
  19. B

    Carrageenan Induced Ankle Edema

    Another Ray Peat life lesson for me. Yesterday, both my husband and I awakened with edema of both our ankles. When thinking about any new supplements or new foods, we came up with only the NY cheesecake we ate a couple of nights ago. So, we figured out that the cream cheese used to make the...
  20. md_a

    Ray Peat Interview Game Changers 7 Mai 2020