Fruit Causes Adrenaline Energy And Starch Produces Serotonin Energy


Sep 29, 2019
Someone on here said that fruit sugars create energy from adrenaline whereas starch energy is from serotonin. I've not heard of this before and I was wondering if anyone had any resources on this information?

fwiw, his recommendations checked out extremely well and so I do believe what was said had merit. I just can't find any information on it.


Feb 13, 2016
I think that was me, my bad for not responding, I was just completely blanking as to where I found it. It might have just been personal observation. I think things that lower blood sugar, raise cortisol & phosphate tend to shift things in the serotonin direction, whereas things that raise blood sugar, lower cortisol and antagonize phosphate are more adrenergic.

Starch, because it stimulates insulin much more strongly than sugar, lowers blood sugar more and causes a rebound of cortisol, which increases serotonin
Salt excess relative to calcium raises cortisol/intracellular phosphate so increases serotonin (although according to Dr. Peat a severe salt deficiency also increases serotonin)
Muscle meat powerfully lowers blood sugar, so increases cortisol, phosphate, and serotonin

Whereas sugar, calcium, having low circulating FFA & running on sugar keep cortisol, phosphate low and serotonin low.

So salt and eggs/liver (most insulogenic proteins) would be the most serotoninergic (but also pro GABA) foods, whereas sugar would be the most adrenergic.

Glad to hear it worked for you!
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Sep 29, 2019
If you could explain this to the world, we'd be in a much better place.


Aug 24, 2017
Starch, because it stimulates insulin much more strongly than sugar, lowers blood sugar more and causes a rebound of cortisol
If you get a hyperinsulinemic response and eat carbs on its own, this might happen, but eating a little bit of protein with the carbs offset this, because then there are other amino acids competing with tryptophan for entry into the brain, which prevents the rise in serotonin.
Cortisol will only increase if someone is diabetic with a hyperinsulinemic response, which then causes hypoglycemia afterwards. If someone is insulin sensitive, this will most likely not happen. The carbs will keep cortisol low.
Salt excess relative to calcium raises cortisol/intracellular phosphate so increases serotonin
Salt increases serotonin turnover because it promotes SERT. Peat also mentioned that the electrolytes can largely substitute for each other in the short term.
whereas sugar would be the most adrenergic
Do you have research on this? As far as I have seen sugar lowers the stress response.


Mar 3, 2016
Sounds like a nonsensical pet theory TBH and I think if you keep PUFAs and FFAs low you won't have any blood sugar issues from starch.
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