For Those Who Cannot "stomach" Aspirin Or Etc

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    I have seen posts here of people saying aspirin does their stomach bad and thus they can't take it, even though in some cases/contexts it could be beneficial I suppose for almost anyone.

    If you can not "stomach" straight aspirin then here are several other methods to use it for those willing to experiment more.

    1: Crush it and blend it with some sodium, baking soda or etc. in warm to hot water and stir it a pinch before then drinking it. I think @ecstatichamster has mentioned something like this before.

    2: Put a part of or whole tablet in your mouth but do not swallow -- instead let it dissolve and rub it as it dissolves all over your gums for several minutes (cleaning the mouth well before doing so might help). This may or may not work well for various reasons but I think this route typically works for me at least sometimes to some effect. You can also try and enhance penetration by perhaps lightly brushing the gums with warm or hot water to cause very minor damage to the tissue -- this could help absorb the aspirin better. Stomach woes through this method should be almost non-existent to very minimal at worst in most cases I think.

    3: Crush and mix some aspirin powder/tablet/etc. and dissolve it in pure DMSO with a pinch of water -- blend very well and then apply it on well cleaned, possibly warmed or heated skin, like maybe how your skin would be after a really warm shower/bath for a short time. You can just run some warm to hot water over an area you wish to apply the aspirin/DMSO solution as you clean the area well -- can also dab pure alcohol or hydrogen peroxide over the area maybe too (but make sure it is as dry as possible before slathering the mix over). I do not know how effective this is depending on various circumstances but I think it is relatively harmless experimentation so long as you do not have issues with DMSO or etc.

    4: Sublingually. Basically just put some under your tongue and hold it there for a few minutes at least, allowing the tongue to just sort of smoosh it down and around the area underneath -- do not know how well it will get in to circulation/show effect but should at least minimally work with a standard tablet or at least half of one, give or take.

    5: The most expensive approach, but you could try an "aspirin bath" AKA running a warm to hot bath and then gradually adding in aspirin until you notice any effects. You can also combine this with magnesium, baking soda, etc. to stack on to it and reap more benefits in one go.

    I think that heating your body all around might increase uptake of aspirin/make an environment where it could at least be noticed more so it might be better to take it/apply it after something like a decent length, hot-esque and relaxing shower and/or bath for increased effectiveness. Trying maybe fatty acids/fats as carriers instead of DMSO could be looked in to as well.

    I'm sure there are other (possibly riskier or at least more unorthodox) ways you can utilize aspirin while minimizing the gastric or etc. issues one might face, but I am not "officially" recommending them to anyone even though I probably have some ideas as to what they are. You may also consider trying DHEA in tiny doses alongside aspirin and/or also some pregnenolone if more adventurous to see if it pairs well with it/reduces any downsides like feeling too sluggish or sedated.

    Also like anything there are times things work better and times they may not. Bad things can apply to anything so this isn't an aspirin advertisement. Anyone should not use it willy-nilly without a sensible reason to (like being stressed, maybe trying to recover from overexertion, etc.) and expect zero negatives at all times as there can be downsides with pretty much anything.
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    I imagine dispersible aspirin dissolved in water and taken with a meal would be the easiest on the stomach. I think ray said that your stomach adopts over time. I think there is mention of cancer patients taking 6 grams of aspirin per day.
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    I additionally pour it through a coffee filter after dissolving. No problems if taken after a good meal.