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    HI all. I have a good source of DHEA and DMSO that I've been wanting to mix so i can experiment with topical application on the legs. Can you provide me with some resources that will help me in the process? i think i saw @Hans post about it before but i cant find it.
  2. BigShoes

    Question: does natural progesterone use in males suppress gonadal (testicular) and / or adrenal production? (Plus, yet another hair loss thread)

    Introduction / Background: 30 Y.O. Male - I am experimenting with the topical application of vitamin K2 and natural progesterone on the neck / temples (carotid artery), in an attempt to halt and reverse some minor (yet very distressing) hair loss. Applications: (1) Vitamin K2 MK-4...
  3. MetabolicTrash

    For Those Who Cannot "stomach" Aspirin Or Etc

    I have seen posts here of people saying aspirin does their stomach bad and thus they can't take it, even though in some cases/contexts it could be beneficial I suppose for almost anyone. If you can not "stomach" straight aspirin then here are several other methods to use it for those willing to...
  4. haidut

    Topical Absorption Of Caffeine, Aspirin And Niacinamide

    Another study, which looked at absorption of these Peat-approved substances through human skin. ... 18185a.pdf Niacinamide absorption in acetone (the solvent used in the study) was only about 10%, however as per another human study I posted some time...
  5. J

    B6 And Dandruff

    This caught my attention: Source: ABSORPTION OF TOPICALLY APPLIED VITAMINS
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