1. F

    Increasing Aspirin ph?

    According to what I found aspirin is acidic with around PH 3. I'm taking quite a high dose and I'm suspecting it is affecting my bladder. Would the PH increase when dissolved in water?
  2. F

    Good aspirin source in the UK?

    as above please, im looking preferably for 1000 pills boxes
  3. VendettaRed911

    What, if any, effect does aspirin have on ketosis?

    It seems like aspirin raises free thyroid hormones (may need to double check that) but what if any would this have on someone on a low carb diet? Probably, increase it??
  4. haidut

    Aspirin may prevent and treat COVID-19

    I may get banned from social media for making a post with such a title, but I am simply reporting on what the study discovered. Namely, even a low-dose aspirin used mostly for ischemic attack (heart or brain) prevention reduced risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection by almost 30%, while also shortening...
  5. haidut

    DHT / Progesterone / aspirin treat, cortisol ineffective, PUFA promotes prostate cancer

    A great study, albeit in-vitro, that once again throws into doubt the entire hypothesis behind prostate cancer. First, it proves the key role of PUFA in the genesis and progression of prostate cancer by demonstrating that inhibitors of the COX enzyme (responsible for synthesizing prostaglandins...
  6. F

    Any long term Aspirin users experience?

    Bad and Good please
  7. haidut

    Blocking PUFA/prostaglandins restores metabolism and reverses brain aging

    The bad news for PUFA has been accumulating for decades, yet public health authorities continue to claim that type of fat is "essential". Whatever indirect admissions of the pathological role of PUFA in both chronic and acute/infectious diseases is given to the public, is usually confined to the...
  8. Hans

    Is aspirin harmful to the mitochondria? (a discussion of the research)

    Another great concern that people might have about aspirin is its effect on the mitochondria (the first 1 I covered was aspirin and intestinal bleeding). There is some research indicating that it might be harmful, and the last thing we would want to do is harm our mitochondria. But what's the...
  9. Hans

    Is aspirin really harmful to the gut (bleeding risk)?

    Are the risks overblown? Haidut has posted a few studies showing that it is but it was only a few, so I decided to write an article on it. And seeing that I recommend it a lot (especially to my clients) I wanted to write an article on it to discuss the "side effects"...
  10. Hans

    Salicylic acid might be good for the gut health and function

    Aspirin has been shown to cause intestinal bleeding in some people and that's why they generally avoid aspirin. That can easily be remedied by switching to sodium salicylate or simply salicylic acid. But this study is not about that. It actually shows that salicylate can be beneficial for the...
  11. mayku-T-meelo

    Aspirin/Acetylsallicylic acid - source in Europe?

    Hello everybody, does anyone know of a good, clean and reliable source of aspirin that one could buy in Europe? I am looking for a pure compound I could buy in larger quantities and store, so it would last a little longer. Any advice or suggestion would be welcome, I am sorry if it was already...
  12. haidut

    Aspirin can cure liver cancer in just 24 hours (in rabbits)

    A pair of studies by a group of scientists in Brazil. They used intratumoral injections of a 5% aspirin or 5% acetic acid (vinegar) solution in the first study, and 10% solutions of each in the second study. EITHER treatment not only destroyed the tumor within 24 hours but after 7 days all the...
  13. I


    Do you think aspirin would help against esophageal cancer or even inflammation? What other things would be good for this? Every time throughout my life that I have been scoped, I've been told its very irritated and inflammed.
  14. M

    Metformin Alternatives?

    So ive been reading this forum for quiet a while and have definitely increased my knowledge about general health. The thing is both my grandparents have been prescribed metformin and they take it religiously for their "diabetes". Now i really wanna help them and ive shown them how harmful this...
  15. P

    Aspirin Use Reduces Risk Of Death In Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

    Aspirin use reduces risk of death in hospitalized COVID-19 patients "Hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were taking a daily low-dose aspirin to protect against cardiovascular disease had a significantly lower risk of complications and death compared to those who were not taking aspirin...
  16. L

    Colon Inflammation Size

    Anyone know how to reduce size of colon with nutrients. After operation years ago for peritonitis. My Colon seems big in my tummy. Making it not so flat looking if I make sense
  17. haidut

    Aspirin Has Dramatically Lower Bleeding Risk Than Pharma Anticoagulants

    Just a quick post that adds to the mountain of evidence contradicting the fearmongering about aspirin we hear on a daily basis from every doctor who manages to get some TV time. It has been known for a while that aspirin lowers bleeding risk in brain and GI tract, despite being an anti-coagulant...
  18. lvysaur

    Why Does Aspirin Lower My Bilirubin?

    I have Gilbert's syndrome, meaning I have asymptomatic slightly elevated bilirubin in the absence of liver dysfunction. It's supposed to be a benign condition. Taking aspirin lowers the bilirubin on my bloodwork (even though most mainstream health sites say it should increase the bilirubin)...
  19. Razvan

    Pufa Deplition Is Amazing

    Hello ,for the past year i ate a peat inspired diet with sometimes pufa cheats, pretty high calorie i gained some weight (muscle and fat) and a 2 weeks ago i decided to do a pufa deplition to lose some weight. I'm eating 0 fat from skim milk,bananas, homemade beetroot juice ,orange juice and...
  20. S

    Atopic Dermatitis Advice

    Hello everybody. I have had a scalp disease since I was little, I think the name is atopic dermatitis, and I used corticoid creams to treat it, it improved a little, but nowadays I don't use it anymore. I have been following the "Peat Diet" for a few months now and have not felt any major...