1. Thoth

    Treatment of Localized Myxoedema - DMSO

  2. ChetnikPeater

    Making a Homemade Transdermal

    Hello Everyone. I have recently gained an interest in making homemade supplements, and have difficulty finding any type of recipe for DMSO containing supplements (like haidut's former ones). DMSO is the most superior solvent and would like more information on the % of DMSO, your steroid or...
  3. G


    HI all. I have a good source of DHEA and DMSO that I've been wanting to mix so i can experiment with topical application on the legs. Can you provide me with some resources that will help me in the process? i think i saw @Hans post about it before but i cant find it.
  4. A

    Please help, my dad has a tumour.

    Hi all, I'm reaching out to you for help and advice. I appreciate any insightful input. My dad has recently developed a tumor in his bladder. This has caused his bladder wall to thicken to 11mm, with what is called 'associated restricted diffusion' as well as 'perivesical stranding' according...
  5. Gohan

    Topical Steroids

    Can you make steroids topically bio available (cream/oil/dmso)? Talking about things like Masteron/EQ/Tren etc? Do they have to be no ester? Whats their bioavailability compared to injectables like this? I know they are unhealthy, just wanna know.
  6. MetabolicTrash

    For Those Who Cannot "stomach" Aspirin Or Etc

    I have seen posts here of people saying aspirin does their stomach bad and thus they can't take it, even though in some cases/contexts it could be beneficial I suppose for almost anyone. If you can not "stomach" straight aspirin then here are several other methods to use it for those willing to...
  7. haidut

    Magnoil - Liquid Magnesium

    NOTE (12/16/2022): Due to occasional supply shortages of the L-pidolate salt of magnesium, some batches of Magnoil may contains magnesium sulfate instead. Adding the product to the shopping cart will show, which option is being currently offered/sold. The sulfate salt has a higher percentage...
  8. haidut

    DMSO Precursor Completely Cures Terminal Cancers

    I hope this post is not taken as somehow trying to promote the use of DMSO. I am simply pointing out the connection between the two since the actual compound used (Dimethylsulfoniopropionates - DMSP used int he study is rapidly metabolized in vivo into a number of chemicals, but mostly DMSO...
  9. haidut

    DMSO Potentiates The Effects Of Steroids Inside The Cell

    This claims has been made many times, and is even listed on the Wikipedia page. However, I have not been able to find the actual reference to back this up even though I have been looking for a long time. Now, thanks to @Wagner83 and his link to the "Cornell Vet" book, I found that study and I am...
  10. haidut

    Safety Of Long-term Use Of DMSO As A Solvent

    I wanted to post this even though it won't change the mind of DMSO opponents. The topic of DMSO safety has come up multiple times among scientists using it as a solvent for delivery of chemicals in vivo studies and so I did some digging and found some interesting data point. First, DMSO used in...
  11. Pointless

    DMSO For Beginners

    I've been using DMSO in various forms and in various uses for years. So I've decided to write up a primer for people that are new to DMSO. People can also post specific questions or references for DMSO that people might find interesting. DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide. It is a solvent...
  12. Drareg

    DMSO Increased G6PDH In This Study

    Danny Roddy wrote an article that mentions g6pdh and baldness recently ,this study is about something else but it points to dmso increasing g6pdh levels. From Danny's point of view this is beneficial to assist hair growth, T3 works this way also. Deficiency of g6pdh is also possible in some...
  13. O

    DMSO In Australia

    G'day! Does anyone know where to buy DMSO at a reasonable price in Australia? I was too paranoid to ship/bring from the US...:( so much cheaper there. Thank you!
  14. F

    Questionable Safety Of Dmso

    Hello, I'm a new member. I had to join at this time in order to present some important information about DMSO. I used some Tyromax a while ago and every time it caused a sting on my arm. Eventually the area began to show inflammation and dead skin. I reasoned that it might be from the DMSO and I...
  15. haidut

    Enhanced Bioavailability And Tissue Effects Of Steroids Dissolved In Dmso

    As discussed in another thread related to DHEA, subcutaneous administration of steroids is considered the golden standard for bioavailability and systemic effects. That same study showed that topical application of DHEA dissolved in popylene glycol is only 33% as bioavailable as through...
  16. haidut

    Dmso Is Similar To Reserpine, Lowers Serotonin, Increases MAO-A

    I have suspected that DMSO has central effects given how powerfully sedating it can be for some people. This older study compares the effects of DMSO to the ancient tranquilizer reserpine, which Peat has written about before. This would make DMSO an effective serotonin lowering agent, an...
  17. haidut

    Shockingly Successful Trial Shows Copper Dissolved In Dmso Treats Als

    I posted some studies before showing that ALS is a disease of mitochondrial origin and delivering copper directly to the motor neurons may be a viable treatment. Here are some of the previous posts on that: Copper May Treat Als | Ray Peat Forum More evidence that diseases like ALS are...
  18. J

    Oral Dmso

    is there any problem with taking dmso based supplements orally?
  19. cantstoppeating

    Ray Peat On Dmso ... 3-p189.pdf A Biophysical Approach to Altered Consciousness, Dr Raymond Peat.
  20. haidut

    DMSO Makes Transdermal Steroid Absorption Close To 100%

    For those asking about my steroid supplements, and why use DMSO as a carrier (questions mostly coming from the Facebook RP groups). The studies below show that transdermal application of steroids (including progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone) dissolved in DMSO achieved the same...
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