Tocovit And Energin (haidut's Supplements)


Sep 3, 2016
Just purchased tocovit (vit e) and energin (Primarily b vitamins). Should they be adminstered orally or topically?


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Sep 3, 2016
Have you noticed beneficial results on libido and overall well being since supplementing with both?


Aug 17, 2016
Just purchased tocovit (vit e) and energin (Primarily b vitamins). Should they be adminstered orally or topically?
Both of these ones I do orally, fwiw. I have my sweet milky coffee to chase the Energin down. But I've acquired a taste for it anyway.


Jan 6, 2015
Tocovit really increases temps. Like, a serous burning furnace lol

Energin, I have problems with. It eats my glycogen at night, no matter how much I 'sugar up' just before bed. During the day, it seems to work quite well.

Not sure about libido. I guess they would both help, but depends what your estrogen levels are to begin with
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