Deconflicting TocoVit, Kuinone, And Diamant

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  1. PecosRiver

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    Aug 4, 2017
    @ Haidut,

    I've found some of your statements scattered around this forum that have said:

    1. wait a few hours between using Vitamin K and Diamant
    2. Vitamin E and Vitamin K can be taken on the same day, maybe one in the morning and one in the evening.

    For me, Vitamin K is associated with taking Pansterone 2X daily, and I'd like to take Diamant both morning and evening. Vitamin E / Tocovit is also something I'd like to take 2x a day.

    So here's some questions:
    1. Estroban has both K and E. Is it the dosage or ratio that matters?
    2. Vit E and Diamant together - any problems here?
    3. Can you characterize the degradation / loss of efficacy if your suggestions aren't followed? Is it just a decrease in effectiveness, or are there negative consequences?
    4. Does it make sense to alternate Vit E and Diamant days with K2 days? This would mean using Pansterone on alternate days ... Or having Vit E and Diamant with breakfast and K2 / Panterone at supper? Or vice versa?
    5. Are there other Vit K conflicts lurking in the IdeaLabs world? Would some (or all) of the supplements that use tocopherals conflict with Vitamin K? I have 5a-DHP, Gonadin, etc. that are dissolved in tocopherals. Should I take these only with the Vit E and Diamant?


  2. ddjd

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    Jul 13, 2014
    Why no vit K with diamant?
  3. Lucenzo01

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    May 17, 2016
    IIRC haidut said that only high doses of vitamin E or K2 would saturate the transporter. So with Estroban you are safe. Keep in mind that the transporter theory is only a hypothesis. We still don't know how vitamin E and K2 antagonize each other. I suspect it's something related to the conversion of k1 to k2, as vitamin E and k2 acts in a similar way again peroxidation. So when E is present in high amounts k2 can retire to the liver when it's more helpful and Vitamin E does it work in the other tissues. You don't need that much k2 when E is present basically. If this true maybe you could use both vitamin at the same time in high amounts without problems. Just a theory, we don't still know how it works AFAIK.