Overexerting When Low Energy -- Negatives And How To Reverse Them?


Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
Any insight here? If one were to overexert or over exercise beyond their normal limits, what are the bad effects and is it solely thyroid vs. stress hormones?

Like if I am low energy/possibly hypo and I go biking for 15 miles and push myself beyond the point I immediately notice I should stop, what are all of the known bad effects and proper recovery in said cases?

I don't know of this is as simple as thyroid or such because there are some who take thyroid and still have poor energy production and tire easily -- maybe just not as easily as before, but still.

I notice I drain more now when cutting the stress hormones, which could point to the obvious things like low C02; poor thyroid; mitochondria/ATP problems; etc.

Just wondering what is the best recovery for overexertion besides just time and waiting -- something more powerful in aiding, say, lactic acid build up; any toxic stuff generated by working past normal limits (anaerobic mode); and also possible stress arising from it and other poor energy production byproducts.

I also notice some things when I have to push myself harder physically -- tense/flushed/drained feeling in chest area and sleepiness (possibly inflammation/thymus catabolizing from low calories); prostaglandins; cortisol or other immense stress hormone buildups. I know the thymus is an easy target when the body needs more energy, but not sure if it is the only thing to explain chest-like fatigue/flushed feelings and aches in the chest region from overexertion.

Immediate things like aspirin and coconut oil pop in mind already, so some other stuff would be interesting to ponder about this.
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Hugh Johnson

Mar 14, 2014
The Sultanate of Portugal
Sugar and baking soda consumed before, after and during seems protective. More calories, thyroid hormones, protein should help recover. Excess exercise leads to hyperventilation so buteyko breathing could help normalize that. It could also lower body temp so forcing that up afterwards might be necessary.


Sep 25, 2018
What about overworking? Pushing through brain fatigue? How does that compare to bodily overexertion?


Aug 9, 2019
I once though that in order to heal my low energy state, I had to exercise more, to run more.
So I started running as a hobby, when I was having issues with energy levels and libido. You can imagine what a bad decision that was.
But I was clueless. I was getting endorphins after running, a temporary high-energy state, but it never extended into my daily life.
I since dropped all cardio to heal, I only lift heavy weights 3 times / week.


Nov 22, 2017
For several months in interviews Ray has underlined the value of light muscle building exercises (with dumbbells at home for ex) in the absence of activity.
Building muscle mass helps increase the anabolic ratio and muscles themselves can produce steroids if they're well developed.
Inactive muscles (from too much bed rest or sitting on the coach) can be 'mildly toxic' as he put it, in that they become 'stressed' and start to produce cortisol, exacerbating whatever state you're in.

In my experience exercise is a big no no during recovery, and that can mean years. Exercise is especially toxic when it feels like a chore and is ''aerobic''. 4:30AM morning jogs are therefore possibly the worst exercise possible.

That doesn't mean however, that sitting or lying on the couch all day is good.
Bone loss, connective tissue loss all occur quickly with bed rest.

Walking everyday (to put some load on your spine), and/or doing fun activities outside like hiking or playing soccer or whatever sport you like with friends.
Basically, going outside everyday, doing something enjoyable, even cutting up wood is a great workout, like Ray mentioned in a recent interview.
If it's something you enjoy, and you feel an urge to do it, then its probably a beneficial activity, especially if you feel great afterwards and in the days following it.

If you're not in a position to be very active, a daily walk and some light calisthenics or DB exercises at home, can help keep the muscles toned and maintain good bone health, helping positive feedback processes of recovery.
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