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Sep 9, 2020
So I've been following peat principals for a couple of months now. I've made a few threads in the past about my past history with diets. To sum up I did carnivore for 2 years prior to this diet, started getting fatigue and craved carbs, knew about peats work so decided to give it a go.

My symptoms(worse after eating)
Brain fog

I'm currently eating:

2L raw goat milk
Maple Syrup
Liver -lamb/beef
Muscle meat-lamb/beef (small amounts)
Coconut oil
White button mushrooms
Carrot salad
Coconut water
Raw goat cheese made with animal rennet -trader Joe's brand

Creatine-5g digestive benefits,ATP benefits
Magnesium chloride spray- up to 6 sprays a day
Activated charcoal- 1-2 tablespoons every other day

My brain function is better, less digestion issues. With heavy meat consumption I'd get bogged down to the point of vegetable status.

My issue now is brain fog - most of the day but low level. It gets worse after my morning bowel movement. Feels like endotoxin release for sure. Activated charcoal does help a little bit but not enough.

I made a thread about a stool test I did, but it didnt get many views. I'll include it in this thread.


As you see i have some dysbiosis. I've purchased high capryillic acid MCT oil that should arrive today I am going to try out. It has 14 grams of capryrillic acid per tablespoon. Any idea how much to take?

Also I am looking into megastore biotics. I've heard good things and bad things. I never do well with probiotics so I'm a bit scared to try, but I am willing if anyone has any insight on that product.

I dont think I do well with eggs or dairy. I am cutting out the eggs for now, but I am going to press on with the dairy for now. It seems to alleviate some of the initial fog I get after my morning bowel movement.

I will be getting labs drawn tomorrow the root cause protocol labs by Morely Robbins as well as some thyroid labs. Tsh free t3 and free t4. Any other lab recommendations are welcome. I have a hair mineral test I am about to send out as well as a food sensitivity test. I am currently awaiting results for my 23andme test as well.


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Feb 3, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany
Are your test results in from the Root Cause Protocol?
I am very interested in the protocol and I follow a mixture of the RCP and the Vertical Diet by Stan Efferding.

I agree with him on most points. I fixed a lot of issues by correcting my Magnesium:Calcium ratio to 1:1. And consuming selfmade frozen beef liver pills once a day with a meal. (around 15g). I eat mostly white rice, ground lean beef and orange juice while building up minerals. I take Mg-glycinate and take a Magnesium foot bath daily.

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