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Ray Peat Diet And Food Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Diet' started by Amarsh213, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Amarsh213

    Amarsh213 Member

    Feb 26, 2017

    New here, have been reading ray peat forums and article non-stop sense stumbling upon it.

    I am intrigued to start trying Ray Peats foods choices and recommendations after destroying my thyroid/adrenals from doing a High fat high protein low carb diet. 8 Months ago I went on this diet to drop some fat for the summer. I am a 21 year old male with a great physique. After following this diet for a few months I lost like 15 pounds and my health along with it. I also developed a large range of food intolerance that took me months to pin down and get tested. I developed an intolerance to almost all grains and diary and whenever I eat them I get a range of symptoms. For grains It's as if I have to sleep/nap immediately after eating them with intense dreams. For diary I get spacey and brain fog despite eating them my whole life. Eggs somthing I was eating 5-6 day of turned out to make me get very spacey and aggravated. All these intolerance showded up in my IgG blood test, which I don't know if it is valid. Almost all foods I consumed in the last 6 months ago or so were showing up on this test. Mainly all diary, particularly cheeses and almost all the grains.

    I don't what happened or what I did. But I am hoping someone with more knowledge and experience with this sort of thing could help me understand my results.?

    I would love to start drinking milk again and eating eggs. Do i have a compromised gut? Note most symptoms are brain fog related, rarely gastrointestinal.

    Just need some help.
  2. Rickyman

    Rickyman Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    Bump ....anyone?
  3. Liubo

    Liubo Member

    Mar 10, 2016
    "I am intrigued to start trying Ray Peats foods choices and recommendations after destroying my thyroid/adrenals from doing a High fat high protein low carb diet. 8 Months ago I went on this diet to drop some fat for the summer."

    Just to clarify, it was the high fat low carb diet that you went on 8 months ago and it gave you allergies. You are looking into the Peat diet for the first time now. Is that correct?

    I eat a version of the Peat diet but still am sensitive to certain foods that trigger headaches for me. Dairy that isn't fresh will do it. Have you tried dairy exclusively in the form of milk, bought a quart or half-gallon at a time so it doesn't sit in your fridge?

    The eggs thing I have no idea about, maybe you are just allergic, possibly try egg yolks without the whites. And grains I can't really relate to because they are just too much PUFA for me and who needs 'em.
  4. walker_in_aus

    walker_in_aus Member

    Oct 17, 2016
    Hi Rickyman,

    Don't stress too much :) Key thing is Low Thyroid = Bad metabolism = crap digestion. If you think of your digestive system as an organ in it's whole, then lowering energy levels and raising cortisol will always cause "intolerances". I did the same thing as you, ended up with bad digestion for years trying to low carb and cardio myself. There is a good thread on here I think is pinned as Weight Loss Strategies, and it's about transitioning to a Ray Peat style without too many issues. Once you get a better level of energy, more food will be able to be digested. I used to be unable to digest milk, but adding it in slowly worked really well.

    I would focus on some energy dense and easily digestible things like stewed fruit and braised meats, maybe white fish/seafood etc. If you eat starch, chew it ALOT before swallowing. I think Egg Whites are the big problem, so maybe just eat the yolks for a while? Get in the sun, relax and don't worry.

    Make fruit smoothies with tropical fruits and a dash of good quality milk for a while, before adding more. Get some b vitamins in too, either with supplements or nutritional yeast. Add in coffee with a dash of milk after a few months and see how you go. If you are running on empty probs avoid caffeine for now.

    I still have a few pains in my gut but even as a woman, after nearly a year my metabolism, skin health, mental health and muscle % has improved with little to no exercise.

    Lifestyle>Food>Supplements is the order of things that will have the most impressive effects on your health.

    I am not an expert just had similar experiences. :)