Ray Peat Diet And Food Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Diet' started by Amarsh213, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Feb 26, 2017

    New here, have been reading ray peat forums and article non-stop sense stumbling upon it.

    I am intrigued to start trying Ray Peats foods choices and recommendations after destroying my thyroid/adrenals from doing a High fat high protein low carb diet. 8 Months ago I went on this diet to drop some fat for the summer. I am a 21 year old male with a great physique. After following this diet for a few months I lost like 15 pounds and my health along with it. I also developed a large range of food intolerance that took me months to pin down and get tested. I developed an intolerance to almost all grains and diary and whenever I eat them I get a range of symptoms. For grains It's as if I have to sleep/nap immediately after eating them with intense dreams. For diary I get spacey and brain fog despite eating them my whole life. Eggs somthing I was eating 5-6 day of turned out to make me get very spacey and aggravated. All these intolerance showded up in my IgG blood test, which I don't know if it is valid. Almost all foods I consumed in the last 6 months ago or so were showing up on this test. Mainly all diary, particularly cheeses and almost all the grains.

    I don't what happened or what I did. But I am hoping someone with more knowledge and experience with this sort of thing could help me understand my results.?

    I would love to start drinking milk again and eating eggs. Do i have a compromised gut? Note most symptoms are brain fog related, rarely gastrointestinal.

    Just need some help.