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LGS11 - Orange, Red & Infrared Light Therapy Handheld Device - 620nm - 670nm - 760nm - 830nm

Discussion in 'Life Giving Store' started by LifeGivingStore, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. LifeGivingStore

    LifeGivingStore Member

    Jan 22, 2017
    We have a new addition to our handheld line of red light therapy devices, the LGS11. It contains the orange, red, and infrared spectra. The wavelengths included in this light are designed to target the peak of Cytochrome C Oxidase activation, delivering maximum energy to the cells.

    Light wavelengths:
    620nm - 25%
    670nm - 25%
    760nm - 25%
    830nm - 25%

    We will keep this announcement short , if you would like more info on red light therapy you can view it on our website.

    From our family to yours, we know you will love this red light therapy device that will "Deliver Energy To Your Life".

    View the LGS11 Here!
  2. Simba1992

    Simba1992 Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    I have received my new LG10 device and would need a bit of help. I ordered this device since I have RA and have understood that deeper penetration gives better effect. Have been a bit worried about the time of treatment, having read very different advices on the net. Also treating face area, have understood that NIR light more than 700nm may damange the cornea? Should goggles be used? If so perhaps a good idea to add to the package when these deeper penetration lights sold ?. Thankful. for any advice