how to separate fat from milk?

pro marker

Feb 26, 2020
the only good quality milk i can get in the store is a full fat low pasteurized non homogenized milk. i am terribly intolerant to pasteurized milk, though its gotten a lot better after I started drinking low pasteurized milk. i usually let it sit outside for a day and then scoop off the fat that rises to the top. but still id like it to be even lower in fat. is there any way to remove more of the fat without heating the milk?? god I just want raw milk its impossible to get.


Sep 22, 2020
You can buy those milk fat remover/separator machines. I almost bought one a couple of years back.


Oct 1, 2019
Yeah, there are some affordable cream separators available now.

If that is too expensive there are more economical methods.
You could enhance the "skimming from the top" method with a turkey baster.

Or you could pour your milk into one of those glass jars with a tap at the bottom.


Oct 6, 2013
Does your milk come in plastic gallon jugs? I take the fat off milk all the time. Organize you jars or pitchers. Loosen the cap so you can take it off with one hand later. Use a very narrow knife to pierce a hole at the base of the jug about 1/2" up and right above the reinforced bottom of the jug. Twist the knife and remove it. The milk come out in a stream, which you aim into your jars. When you come to the cream line just up end the jug to put the cream in your cream jar. A deep sink makes this easier, but not essential. You get better at it with a bit of practice. The first time or two I made quote a mess.
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