Hidden ingredients present in American milk


Mar 16, 2021
This is inspired by @haidut and DannyRoddy. Not sure if he has an account on here.

I have been watching these guys weekly podcasts for the last few months as well as Jay Feldman Wellness.

One important topic that came up in one of the podcasts with Peat was how Georgi tested some organic milk products and found traces of carrageenan and silica. Ray mentioned its important to get that information out.

I did not find any brands admit to using carrageenan or silica in their milk, however I checked with several large scale organic milk brands in the US, and, the way things work here is if vitamins A and D are added to any milk product, the ingredients list only needs to state vitamin A and D, not the ingredients present in those vitamins.

It is standard practice for milk with added vitamins to also contain polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, and sunflower oil. I am not sure about polyethylene glycol, carrageenan, and silica, but maybe some of the cheaper brands use those ingredients. polysorbate 80 and propylene glycol are approved for usage in organic milk products, and they are basically never listed on the label. they are added as preservatives for the vitamin mixes as well as to help them properly blend into the milk.

it is usually difficult to find raw milk, and even more so to find raw milk you know is organically produced, clean etc. this means in the US the only way to avoid these filler ingredients is to specifically purchase a whole milk without any added vitamin A or D. either of those added means you are getting fillers, and reduced fat/skim milks are required to have vitamins added.

I am not sure how this works as far as whey protein powder, low/fat free greek yogurts, ice creams, and cheeses. Hopefully those products do not need to be sourced from vitamin fortified milk. I think others on here also mentioned yogurt and cheese can be troublesome these days due to the processes used to make them and due to cheese being made with microbial enzymes instead of animal rennet.
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