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Do policosanols and vitamin b1 have any interactions with other nutrients? how does thiamine affect methyl groups, other b vitamins and histamine?


Mar 16, 2021
theres a quote from Peat where he apparently said vitamin E and K shouldnt be taken together since they can have a reaction in the stomach

another forum member has mentioned not combining iodine with chlorine I believe, because they can react and cause issues

I was wondering can policosanols be taken alongside things like vitamin K, vitamin D, and b vitamins? since normally they are found alongside vitamin E from my understanding.

can thiamine be taken alongside vitamins D and K...

how does thiamine affect methyl groups and histamine? for instance niacin and maybe niacinamide can deplete methyl groups, and raise histamine, and potentially cause liver issues if doses too high. does thiamine have any sort of effect on methyl groups, or histamine, or any depleting effect on other minerals/vitamins? I heard it can deplete manganese and iron.

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