Do B Vitamins Compete With Or Inhibit Each Other? And Vitamin B1 For Energy


Jan 21, 2018
Was curious if B vitamins can compete with each other for absorption and possibly lower the others.

For years I've taken (and generally done well with) a large dose vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxine HCL), generally in the 100mg's range, with the intended use of reducing prolactin (seems to work). I've recently done some research on Vitamin B1 being effective for energy and fatigue, so I was going to start that one as well, as I've never thought about it/focused on it in my diet.

Can someone give me a summary on Vitamin B1? I saw some @haidut posts on it being good for energy in the 1000s of mg range, good for cancers, and Ray Peat has these clips too:

Could someone give a summary of what exactly B1 helps with? E.g. is it Thyroid? I like updating my mental model of what various foods and supps are supposed to do, then update it and collect data as I try on myself (like the B6 and prolactin thing, e.g. I've found that taking more zinc + B6 is useful if I'm ejaculating a lot).

EDIT - some reading materials on B1 -
Effects of Thiamine on Thyroid Fatigue - ThyroMate
Thiamine and Hashimoto's thyroiditis: a report of three cases. - PubMed - NCBI



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Jan 21, 2018
Important question I forgot to ask - how much could caffeine be depleting the B vitamins?

I've consistently had 300 - 600 mg a day for years. Though a few days/month I detox.


Feb 20, 2013
Important question I forgot to ask - how much could caffeine be depleting the B vitamins?

I've consistently had 300 - 600 mg a day for years. Though a few days/month I detox.
Caffeine itself doesn't deplete vitamin B1. But there are substances in coffee, tannins I think, that decrease absorption of vitamin B1 in the intestine.
One way to get around this is using caffeine pills, the other is drinking coffee away from taking vitamin B1.


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Jan 21, 2018
I take a lot of caffeine in pill form. Could caffeine in general be draining other things that are critical to B vitamin absorption? E.g. magnesium (anecdotally feel better with a few grams per day).
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