Cooking Potatoes in Water vs. Salted Water

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    Is there a difference in the reduction of solanine? According to this paper, peeling the potato and cooking it in salter water removes 36% of the solanine. Is that more than what is removed by cooking it in water without salt and adding the salt later?

    Glycoalkaloids in potato tubers: The effect of peeling and cooking in salted water

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    When I made the potato juice, I cooked it with some coconut oil. Then I let it in the fridge, and the coconut oil solidified and floated to the top. When I tasted it, it was pretty bad, so I wonder if that was due to the solanine, if the solanine concentrated in the coconut oil. This makes me wonder whether there is some other way to use coconut oil, other than frying, to remove solanine form cooked potatoes (not the juice, the whole potato).
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    Jan 22, 2013
    interesting...could be true, because I've heard of deep fried fries at a restaurant, will eventually contain toxic levels of solanine because all the solanine that has leeched out from the potatoes throughout the day eventually concentrates in the oil. I supposed you'd lose some fat soluble vitamins by cooking in fat then straining off, but potatoes don't really have many to begin with that could be beneficial in theory, though I've never tried it. I think simply peeling and removing a good centimeter or too under the skin, and avoiding potatoes with nodules on them, is probably the most significant factor

    if you wanted to experiment...probably cooking in water with some oil, mashing...then letting it sit, cool, and rise, maybe stirring occasionally, then skimming and removing the fat once its cooled and risen, then possible reheating the potatoes in fresh water or oil after that and seeing how it tastes. I guess that's sort of what you did by letting it sit in the fridge then tasting the risen fat
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    The difference is that that was potato juice. What I wonder now is whether just putting some oil when boiling the whole potato, not just the juice, makes a difference.