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  1. Apollo

    Potato supplemented by a good lot of buttermilk - Ireland in old times

    The Rev. Howard Malcolm, who had travelled much in Europe, Asia, and America, said : “ The finest specimens of the human body I ever beheld I saw in Ireland, and they had never tasted animal food.” It is reported that farmers in England declare that their Irish labourers who are temperate are...
  2. P

    Starch weight gain?

    I've noticed I've gained 15-20 lbs since incorporating potatoes with coconut oil into my diet daily. Have you guys experienced weight gain on starch as well? Or is it a product of just including more fat in the diet?
  3. DJ123

    Best Way To Prepare Potatoes?

    I have access to a air fryer or I could boil them. Which method would you choose and why?
  4. D

    Could I Eat 2kg Potatoes A Day Without Fear Bout Hyperkalemia?

    hi everyone! i was upping my carbs a bit cause i see potatoes help the most with my fatty liver issue than juices and fructose. Non gluten spagetti give some kind of bad reaction, dont know why. maybe is the extruded protein. no idea...i think is related too with my liver not working 100%. i...
  5. M

    Potassium In Potato Juice Soup?

    Does anyone know if there is a significant amount of potassium in the soup made from the juice of the potato? Or is most of the potassium in the starch? Thanks.
  6. Strongbad

    Okinawa Longevity Diet - Sweat Potatoes High In Beta-Carotene

    I've been on fat free diet for 1 month now. I used to be 160lbs before Peating, then became 195lbs after Peating for a while. Then today I'm 189lbs so I lost 6lbs within a month. Not bad. I'm adopting hybrid Peat + Asian diet, meaning that I eat almost no fat, only 2g to 4g MAX daily. That's...
  7. C

    What Kind Of Juicer Do You Use For Potatoes, Please?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what they are using? I have tried simply adding vinegar to the water due to someone's post on how this removes starch, but I'd rather have the juice. Thanks very much!
  8. E

    Potatoes, gardening and healthy Irish women

    Trust a female to be so practical. Your are a goddes among us women. Yes the humble potato. Thank you girlfriend for reminding us that the potatoe water which is rich in keto acids is perfect for hypothyroid, low metabolic and catabolic state. The yellower the potato, the more protein. As peat...
  9. Ideonaut

    Organic Potatoes?

    I'd like some input on how important it might be to eat organic potatoes to avoid glyphosate. I'm cheap, and it burns me to have to pay outrageous prices for non-poisoned food, but will if it is the right thing to do healthwise.
  10. uuy8778yyi

    boil potatoe in vinegar water to remove starch

    http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/09/the- ... to-ch.html
  11. S

    Experimenting with potatoes

    I blended some potatoes in the blender with some water and poured the mixture in a nut milk bag to filter and squeeze the juice out of the remainder (leaving the starch + potato juice + water in the bowl). Does anyone know if the remainder of dry potato in the bag has any nutritional value? Is...
  12. M

    Frying liquid potato protein

    Hi. Getting ready to try the potato juice thingy. I think I'd like to try the scramble before I try the soup. How long should I fry the liquid potato protein in the pan? Or, in other words, how do I know when the scramble is done?
  13. F

    Why are potatoes better than sweet potatoes?

    Why are boiled potatoes better than sweet potatoes / yams / Japanese purple sweet potato / yucca / other dense starchy tubers?
  14. A

    What's Wrong With Sweet Potatoes?

    Ray says theyre hard to digest, but what makes them different from white potatoes?
  15. charlie

    FDA approves genetically engineered potatoes.....

    FDA approves genetically engineered potatoes, apples as safe http://fox59.com/2015/03/21/fda-approve ... s-as-safe/ :cry:
  16. J

    (Twice-)Baked Potatoes

    Does nobody here have love for twice-baked (fridge>~90min bake>fridge, short bake when ready to eat) potatoes? Haven't seen them mentioned here, but it's my go-to potato method. They come out moist and waxy from cooking in their own juice without the flesh being exposed to direct heat or...
  17. K

    Potatoes and Acrylamide

    I would imagine acrylamide has probably been discussed at some point in the history of this forum, but figured I would share this anyway: http://www.pickl-it.com/blog/783/tradit ... crylamide/ Probably not a concern for most peaters who tend to boil their potatoes, but still interesting.
  18. Y

    Rp Says Protein In Potato? Really?

    I saw this quote from the website - http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/ray-peat.htm But according to nutrition data potato has 23g carb and 3g protein which is no where near milk ratios. And i thought any kind of vegetable protein is an incomplete protein?
  19. Velve921

    What's Wrong With Potatoes [How Do They Agree With You?]

    Why are people so down on potatoes?? I thought peat loved the potato protein. Thanks in advance for all thoughts!
  20. charlie

    U.S. OKs Genetically Modified Potato With Lower Cancer Risk

    U.S. OKs genetically modified potato with lower cancer risk http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-oks ... ?ocid=iehp :nocomment