Chronic Fasting / Famine Can Cause Diabetes And The Adaptation Is Hereditary


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
Yet another study that shows why chronic fasting is not likely to lead to good long term outcomes for your health. While it can be argued that famine is not the same as fasting, the level of caloric restriction required to see the benefits reported in animal studies comes pretty close to what the people in the study experienced. Perhaps the worst part, as Ray has written about, is that the metabolic dysfunctions caused by that fasting/famine was passed on to the subsequent 2 generations and they had much greater propensity for developing diabetes II than the general population. Having even a single parent who was exposed to chronic fasting/famine increased risk of diabetes in the offspring.

Famine alters metabolism for successive generations

"...Hyperglycemia is a high blood glucose level and a common sign of diabetes. The new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that hundreds of people who were gestated during a horrific famine that afflicted China between 1959 and 1961 had significantly elevated odds of both hyperglycemia and type 2 diabetes. Even more striking, however, was that their children also had significantly higher odds of hyperglycemia, even though the famine had long since passed when they were born. Public health researchers at Brown University and Harbin Medical University in China were able to make the findings by studying more than 3,000 local residents and their children. Some of the subjects were gestated during famine and some were gestated just afterward. Some of the studied offspring were born to two, one or no parents who had been famine-exposed. This study population allowed the scientists, who interviewed and took blood samples from the participants in 2012, to make well-controlled, multigenerational comparisons of the effects of in utero famine exposure that would never be ethical to intentionally create."
Aug 18, 2015
Fasting is honestly the devil. You fast.... peace out to your magnesium and potassium stores. I.mean seriosuly, its just going to stop your thyroid, boost adreline, waste all your mag and potassium and blood stores will be messed up.. then god bless u trying to figure out your problems in a non peat world... dear god that's scary

Interwting post haidut.. I was listening to rays interview, saw a comment saying ray said balding was likely epigenic... probably similar to reasons here


Oct 15, 2016
I'm yet to see any real negative studies or information against intermittent fasting (e.g. 8 hours eating window). I don't see how fasting one day a week would have anything to do with this study either. I'm not sure what kind of fasting you are comparing this two years famine to.
Feb 4, 2015
While it can be argued that famine is not the same as fasting

Well yes, medically supervised water only fasting in appropriately selected individuals anywhere from 5-40 days is not the same as a two year "famine."

The study says:

"Design: A total of 1034 families, including 2068 parents [parental generation (F1)] and 1183 offspring [offspring generation (F2)], were recruited from the Suihua rural area that was affected by the Chinese Famine of 1959–1961. Participants born between 1 October 1959 and 30 September 1961 were defined as famine exposed, and those born between 1 October 1962 and 30 September 1964 were defined as nonexposed. The F2 were classified as having 1) no parent exposed to famine, 2) only a mother exposed to famine, 3) only a father exposed to famine, or 4) both parents exposed to famine. Classical risk factors for T2D as well as fasting-glucose- and oral-glucose-tolerance tests were measured in both the F1 and F2."

I would like to know the specific details of the individuals like diet and body weight etc. They could be eating fried Chinese chicken.

Medically Supervised Water-only Fasting In The Treatment Of Hypertension

Medically supervised water-only fasting in the treatment of borderline hypertension. - PubMed - NCBI

Low Fat Diet/fasting Reverses 42 Yr Old Woman's Cancer, Published In British Medical Jounral

Man Lives Off His Fat Stores For 382 Days



May 31, 2013
@mayweatherking thats interesting. Care to share your experience with fasting or ppl you know in regards to the magnesium/potassium and all that since it makes sense and i have been doing ALOT of fasting in the past and seems like those things are still hanging in there. Like esp water retention in face, lower body etc which is related to the things you mention there.
Aug 18, 2015
@mayweatherking thats interesting. Care to share your experience with fasting or ppl you know in regards to the magnesium/potassium and all that since it makes sense and i have been doing ALOT of fasting in the past and seems like those things are still hanging in there. Like esp water retention in face, lower body etc which is related to the things you mention there.

I.mean.. if you fast your cortisol is goig ti go up, it will inhibit.thyroid, thyroid is what retains magnesium, how can anything good happen from that
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