Possible Link Found Between Diabetes And Titanium Dioxide


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Jan 25, 2017
In a pilot study by a team of researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, crystalline particles of titanium dioxide -- the most common white pigment in everyday products ranging from paint to candies -- were found in pancreas specimens with Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that exposure to the white pigment is associated with the disease.

The team examined 11 pancreas specimens, eight of which were from donors who had Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and three from donors who did not. Whereas the three non-diabetic pancreatic tissue specimens contained no detectable TiO2 crystals, the crystals were detected in all of the eight T2D pancreatic tissue specimens. The UT Austin researchers found more than 200 million TiO2 crystallites per gram of TiO2 particles in the specimens from T2D donors but not in the three specimens from non-diabetic donors. They published their findings last month in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

"Our initial findings raise the possibility that Type 2 diabetes could be a chronic crystal-associated inflammatory disease of the pancreas, similar to chronic crystal-caused inflammatory diseases of the lung such as silicosis and asbestosis," Heller said.

"The increased use of titanium dioxide over the last five decades could be a factor in the Type 2 diabetes epidemic," Heller said. "The dominant T2D-associated pancreatic particles consist of TiO2 crystals, which are used as a colorant in foods, medications and indoor wall paint, and they are transported to the pancreas in the bloodstream. The study raises the possibility that humanity's increasing use of TiO2pigment accounts for part of the global increase in the incidence of T2D."


Mar 23, 2017
Could the t2d patients be fed supplements/ medication containing titanium dioxide? Ie higher exposure?

Otherwise very interesting news!


Jul 26, 2018
Titanium dioxide could carry LPS

"Endotoxin is one of the molecules that can attach to nanomaterials. Endotoxin is likely to adhere to hydrophobic surfaces through its lipid moiety, while its phosphate group allows it to bind to positively charged surfaces. Therefore, endotoxin is in theory able to attach to all kinds of surfaces [20,23"[...]
"A more recent study showed that the polysaccharidic chain of LPS could strongly bind to the surface of Al2O3 nanoparticles, and LPS formed a layer on the nanoparticle surface detectable by atomic force microscopy [29]. "
"Ashwood et al. showed that 200 nm titanium dioxide nanoparticles can strongly bind LPS bridged by calcium cations, and that the LPS-nanoparticle complexes can significantly increase the caspase-1-dependent IL-1β secretion and apoptotic-like cell death as compared with clean nanoparticles and to LPS alone. These effects can be inhibited by blocking both phagocytosis and receptor-mediated uptake of nanoparticles [44]. A few studies have indicated that micro-sized particles containing LPS can cause a significant increase of inflammatory cytokine production in primary human monocytes [45,46] and murine RAW264.7 macrophage-like tumor cells [47]. Other data showed that co-administration of endotoxin could promote the adverse effects of engineered nanoparticles on lung functions both in vitro and in vivo [48–52]. Titanium particles, which deliberately contaminated with endotoxin, triggered inflammation in macrophages by inducing the production of inflammatory cytokines. However, these inflammatory effects of contaminated titanium particles seem to be quantitatively weaker than those obtained with endotoxin alone, implying that upon binding, endotoxin partly loses its activity [53]. However, the unclear study design does not allow a precise quantitative comparison of the concentrations of bound versus unbound endotoxin, and therefore the data reported cannot be considered conclusive. The possibility may also exist that the titanium particles had an anti-inflammatory effect that counteracted the endotoxin activity. In this direction, Ma et al. have proved that the gold nanoparticles can suppress the endotoxin-induced NO production by inhibiting the NF-κB and IFN-β/STAT1 pathways in RAW264.7 cells [54]. Furthermore, Pereira et al. showed that gold nanoparticles could inhibit cell activation induced by endotoxin through the TLR4-NFκB pathway, resulting in decreased inflammation and oxidative damage in rat's uveitis [55]. Platinum nanoparticles could inhibit the intracellular ROS production and inflammatory activities in murine macrophages exposed to endotoxin and nanoparticles [56]. Single walled carbon nanotubes coated with serum proteins (mainly albumin) could inhibit LPS-induced cyclooxygenase-2 activation in RAW264.7 cells, an effect that was lost when the albumin adsorption was blocked by treating the nanotube surface with a nonionic surfactant [57]"


[Effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and lipopolysaccharide on antioxidant function of liver tissues in mice]. - PubMed - NCBI

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles promote arrhythmias via a direct interaction with rat cardiac tissue
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