Bad Reaction To Calcium Supplementation


Mar 29, 2013
I have a negative reaction to calcium supplementation. I get cold feet, reduced appetite, low-energy, headaches. This seems paradoxical. I started out trying eggshells, then tried three different pill forms. All with the same result.

There's plenty of magnesium in my diet and I supplement a little bit of Natural Calm before bed. My Vitamin D levels are over 50. My pulse rate and temps are pretty good, so I doubt I'm hypo. I eat plenty of carbs from fruit, sugar, potatoes, and some rice. Plenty of protein from milk (about 2 quarts), some gelatin, and some muscle meats.

Been eating a pro-metabolic diet for a while now with good results but I've still got some weird health issues, so it just seems like this might be indicative of something. Any ideas?


Jan 22, 2013
probably that you don't need to supplement or that those particular supplements are what is causing the symptoms, if everything else is ok and you only get symptoms only when you supplement


Feb 20, 2013
Did you check the inactive ingredients in those calcium supplements? Most supplements have lots of allergenic ingredients.
I had allergic problem with most calcium supplements i tried.
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