1. J

    URGENT! Need help with Vitamin K1

    Ok I'm dealing with heavy bleeding as a female and need help with usage of Vitamin K1. It is the only thing that works at 2000mcg to slow down my bleeding and clot but problem is..I'm getting a stress response from it. I'm most likely low in vitamin D, calcium and iron. So what is causing...
  2. J

    Lack of Calcium cause of my bleeding?

    I have been dealing with profuse bleeding issues for last 6 years (I'm female) and other than having a progesterone:estrogen ratio of 5:1, I think I'm very low in Calcium which is contributing to the problem. Also very low in Vitamin D. Whilst the hormones may be causing the inability to stop...
  3. T

    Whey (not whey protein)

    Hello guys, have anyone of you tried whey as supplement? I wanted to incorporate more lactose in my diet (due to facts in J. H. Kellog's book Autointoxication), but I am not friend with high fat or protein content and I did browse between many types of products from milk and I did find whey (do...
  4. Summer

    Torus Palatinus - need input on how to treat naturally

    I recently learned not everyone has this raised area on their hard palate. I've been trying to mew and I'm afraid this raised area will hinder the process. Some people are of the opinion that tooth grinding could be a cause of torus palatinus. This wouldn't shock me one bit given that I have...
  5. V

    Is the phosphorus/calcium ratio in the diet really important for good health?

    Should I be concerned if I eat much more meat than dairy? Has anyone noticed a significant improvement in any way after consuming more calcium and less phosphorus?
  6. Nnik

    I have never liked milk - help me

    Hi! I have been loving the freedom of eating in Ray Peat inspired ways after switching from a restrictive low carb, high protein diet that all the popular “health” people are promoting these days. However, milk has been a struggle for me. People have said to start of slow but as a child and...
  7. Apple

    Takuo Fujita (Calcium Paradox) passed away on November 8, 2022, (16 days before Ray Peat)

    Takuo Fujita, MD, PhD (February 10, 1929 to November 8, 2022) Ray Peat cited T. Fujita in some of his articles regarding calcium and PTH. He developed a theory which he called the ‘Calcium Paradox’, that is, the contradiction between...
  8. haidut

    How vitamin K protects from diabetes

    The study discovered a new protein requiring vitamin K as a co-factor. It has long been known that vitamin K regulates both the synthesis and carboxylation of osteocalcin, with the latter subsequently regulating functions as diverse as blood clotting, bone mineralization, soft-tissue...
  9. Twohandsondeck

    [Using rock powders for health] Book notes/summary: The Enlivened Rock Powders by Harvey Lisle

    [Not sure where this should be posted, but putting it under "health" because the book is basically one giant explanation about how and why rock powders can be used as a basis of overall life improvement by increasing natural magnetic forces in the soil and potentially the body] Just finished...
  10. youngsinatra

    Low Vitamin D (25OHD) Or Calcium Deficiency?

    Hello everyone, I have seen some people testing both their storage (25OHD) and active (1,25OHD) vitamin D, and those with low storage D had almost always high active D. Reading on the connection between 1,25D and PTH has brought me to the hypothesis that possibly people with low storage D /...
  11. BigShoes

    Please Help: Severe Premature Ejaculation from Calcium Carbonate Supps? Intra-muscular Calcium?

    Hello, I have been suffering with premature ejaculation for the last couple of years. 32 y/o man. In the past year or so, I have now been suffering with *severe* premature ejaculation - less than 10 seconds to finish. It is so bad that it is preventing me from finding a relationship, and...
  12. cs3000

    Calcification in a dialysis patient successfully treated (reversed) with high-dose vitamin K supplementation

    annoyingly this study did not show reversal like the others, just a slowing of calcification like a lot of the studies do Effect of vitamin K1 supplementation on matrix Gla protein level and vascular calcification in hemodialysis patients - The Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine 10mg 3x a...
  13. haidut

    Hypothyroidism, deficiency of calcium, vitamin D/B12 may cause hair graying

    Yet another study/article that reports a link between bioenergetics and hair color. Premature graying has been one of the fastest-growing "epidemics" over the last 20 years in developed countries. While a connection with stress has been suggested by numerous studies, mainstream medicine has...
  14. P

    Any issues supplementing K2 without much calcium in the diet?

    Or best to wait until I can add more calcium to my diet before supplementing Vit K2? Can low dose Vit K2 possibly be ok? Present calcium sources are leafy greens and oranges. Would like to eventually add dairy, eggshell calcium, or other sources (?) but need to tread lightly due to digestive...
  15. InChristAlone

    Dr Carl Pfeiffer Mental and Elemental Nutrients

    Here are some notes from Dr. Pfeiffer's book; "Mental and elemental nutrients : a physician's guide to nutrition and health care", it's an old book, but I think it's contributions to nutrition is still relevant. Zinc- "zinc is more precious than gold" Zinc is needed for normal growth and...
  16. cs3000

    Calcium carbonate works on empty stomach + optimal timing for lowering parathyroid hormone Commonly it's said that calcium carbonate should be taken with food for it to absorb properly from the acid, but this study shows it absorbs...
  17. B

    Calcium Carbonate for toothpaste

    I’ve begun using plain calcium carbonate as a toothpaste/mouthwash. My teeth are whiter, and plaque washes off pretty well. The bigger test seems to be the fungal overgrowth on the tongue. So far, it works as well as the best protocols I’ve used; it may be better — time will tell. I’m a big...
  18. UG Krishnamurti

    Dietary Ca or Ca/P during inflammation will increase calcification and microcalcification?

    When I am in inflamed state I always felt extremely worse if I drink milk for example. The symptoms I experience were intestinal bleeding (I have Crohn's), extreme scalp hardness, psoriasis getting worse, fatigue, cramping etc. Even just drinking plain mineral water higher in calcium created...
  19. G

    The problem with Peat principles

    1. Peat recommends Higher carbs than fats and high Calcium intake, yet Calcium rich foods are rich in fat(whole milk, cheeses). Skim milk is not found in nature. A high Calcium intake comes hand in hand with fat intake 2. Haidut recommends high carb/ sugar and moderate SFA. Yet the most nutrient...
  20. Sefton10

    Mitochondrial Calcium: Effects of Its Imbalance in Disease

    Mitochondrial Calcium: Effects of Its Imbalance in Disease
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