What Do You Eat For Breakfast?


Apr 19, 2020
Fresh coffee first, Home roasted, 2 cups, with a little sugar and a sploosh of Good Clean milk. Then #1 Breaky: 2 eggs soft boiled with a dollop of either olive oil or steamed (non smelling) coconut oil, with 2 large OJ- best quality we can get. This probably 5x week. The other option is Oatmeal well cooked with honey and milk/butter. If my wife makes it then well cooked with ginger and date pieces. Then Mid Morning I like to have a fruit break. Mandarins and citrus in season now here down under.

Also, a quick breaky if I am on the run or need sustenance NOW is a Quesadilla - usually the full one. Simply cheese on Corn Tortillas of course! (Nixtamalization -Seguro!) This one probably 3x or 4x Month.


Dec 17, 2020
What is your dosage of TUDCA?
The one I take lists 4 pills as:
Total bile acids 1000 mg
Conjugated bile acids 945

depending on how much fat I have in a mean, I take two to three pills once or twice a day.
I usually don’t have it for breakfast.
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