1. Rachel

    Is carrot salad the answer to the French "paradox"?

    Apparently, grated carrot salad is one of those ubiquitous dishes that just about everyone in France eats. Hmmmmmm... French school children start off eating it at a young age, It's in regular rotation at school cafeterias. "If I had to compile a list of the top five National Dishes of...
  2. bookshelf

    Einkorn Sourdough

    While I realize not everyone here would agree with eating sourdough bread, I am still in search of some support for making sourdough with einkorn. I have a starter that feeds off of sugar, potato flakes and water. Has anyone ever used this starter before and successfully used einkorn as the...
  3. lyfe

    Gelatin Creme Brulee - FINALLY A Gelatin Recipe I LOVE To Eat

    I've been toying around with gelatin trying to find a recipe that masks the taste of it. Although I don't find the taste of gelatin repulsive, it definitely isn't "good." I wanted to try to make a recipe that resembled creme brulee and this is what I came up with. It tastes best about 20 minutes...
  4. Z

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Hi people, I'd like to see what people of RPF eat every morning. I need some ideas :D