What Are Considered Muscle Meats?


Oct 8, 2012
I understand the basic muscle meats like fish, the breast of chicken, steaks, lamb, etc.

But what about seafood like shrimp and oysters, or organ meats like liver? Should these things be balanced with gelatin?


Apr 17, 2013
No for shrimp and oysters; yes for liver.

Here's a helpful quote from Ray:

"The balanced proteins are – if you stew a chicken, for example, and skim off the fat after it has cooked the meat loose from the bones, you will get gelatin out of the skin and bones and connective tissues, which will be about half of the protein of the whole chicken. And that would be what the primitive cultures were eating every day, a perfectly balanced set of amino acids. And you can approximate that by eating shellfish, shrimps and oysters and such things where you eat the whole body of the animal. And milk and cheese are pretty good for the protein balance. The cheese is slightly better than milk because the milk is designed for a growing individual and the tryptophan happens to be a growth stimulant. And once your full -sized and adult, you don’t need very much of the tryptophan and cysteine."
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