Too much muscle meats?


Mar 9, 2014
Hi All,

Here is a sample of my diet:

Meal 1 - Chicken Tenderloins (99% Fat Free)+ Berries + Milk + Gelatin + Orange Juice
Meal 2 - Turkey Mince (99% Fat Free) + Mangos + Gelatin
Meal 3 - Eggs OR Grass Fed Beef Mince + Grapes + Milk + Gelatin + Coffee
Meal 4 - Tuna + Orange + Milk + Gelatin + Orange Juice
Meal 5 - Turkey Mince (99% Fat Free) + Sweet Potato + Gelatin
Pre-Bed Snack - Gelatin + Honey + Salt

Each fruit is approximately 2-3 cups worth.

Question I have is, Am I eating too much meat? I eat approximately 150-200g of meat per meal. So I add two tablespoons of gelatin (12g protein) to it, because ray peat says so lol.

Now I am trying to follow Danny Roddy's work, because I care about stopping hair loss, but in his book he recommends avoiding meat because it contains tryptophan. So I am wondering if I should just cut out on the meat (or cut it down drastically) or whether the gelatin is somehow helping by supressing tryptophan.

I dont even understand how gelatin helps supress tryptophan in muscle meats to be honest.



Jul 24, 2013
Even though the target symptom may be hair, primary well-being is a good guideline. Unless you are Shaq-sized, 150-200 mg range is on the higher side of adequate total protein intake. Feel at ease about experimenting a bit down with meat. You might also experiment with increasing the percentage of gelatin, or dairy.

One concern about protein sources is minimizing PUFA's, so ruminant meat (beef, lamb, buffalo) is a bit safer than poultry. But with cattle/sheep meat is high in iron. Care is needed in avoiding iron excess.

Gelatin and bone broths have very little tryptophan while being high protein. Their glycine/proline/etc amino balance may also itself offset some of the over-exciting effects of tryptophan rich foods.


Feb 20, 2013
You can use cronometer to figure out the amount of carb, protein, fat break down
( Saturated and PUFA ratio and amount). You also need to see if your diet
is providing all the required vitamin and minerals.
Looking at your diet it seems like you have very low calcium to phosphorus ratio.
Egg shell powder, oyster shell powder and calcium carbonate
can improve this ratio. Phosphorus poisoning is often a result of excess
meat diet. Cow's Milk has a Calcium: Phosphorus ratio of 1.3:1
which is close to the RDA ratio. Human milk ratio is 2:1 .


Thread starter
Mar 9, 2014
I understand that calcium supplementation is required. But looking at tryptophan itself, I want to know how gelatin can suppress the effects of tryptophan from muscle meats, if it can at all.
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