Usda organic label and raw milk


Mar 16, 2021
Is the usda organic certification expensive to obtain and maintain?

apparently in the US its only around $750 a year?

many of the farms offering herdshare programs and raw milk, say that their farm and milk is organic but not certified organic due to the expenses involved.
but if its only around $1000 a year, that doesnt make sense. is raw milk pretty much unsafe unless usda certified organic? if the certification is that cheap it makes you think if the farms are cutting corners and doing something that disqualifies them being organic?
I know the usda label isnt a guarantee of safety, considering carrageenan for instance can be in organic products.
but at the same time if a farm is not able to meet the basic standards for usda organic, makes it seem like they could be cutting corners. it doesnt seem expensive to get. and once you get it, you maintain it forever as long as you remain organic
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