One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Poison


Jul 8, 2020
That was what I was suggesting, I dont think you understand my point at all. My point, and what I continue to suggest, is that people that are struggling with high carb to lower their carbs down and increase their fat. I dont think everyone needs to eat high carb because Peat "says so" I think this is the most damaging mindset when people first discover Peat, which some users on the forum reinforce. But if you are thriving on high carb, keep on trucking.

high carb. low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, low protein

I also haven't recommended a single one of these and think the whole extreme of diets is ridiculous. I've only ever said a balance should be achieved between all macros, they are all important. Something like 20-30% protein 25-40% carbs and fats, whichever you feel best on.


Jun 7, 2020
New Mexico
Danny, thanks for posting. Love Natasha. She always presents such a balanced and sane view. People as well as the so-called "experts" can often be so dogmatic and rigid. It drive me crazy! I was strict carnivore for a while, then one day, out of the blue, I decided that I just had to have a mango with my Filet Mignon. was perfect! Ahh, the fine art of actually listening to your body, instead of YouTube, lol.
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