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Oct 5, 2013
Hi I have been eating this way for about two weeks now since coming from paleo, where I did low carb for a few months before going high carb abs finally finding about peat on marksdailyapple. I am a 16 year old male, my height is around 5ft4-5.5 and I weigh around 8stone six pounds, which I know sounds slim but my gut is exploding right now. A regular day consists of a few glasses of oj, a orange, a tub of cottage cheese, and usually some meat, and some days I will have haribos or a glass of coke, I rarely go over 30 g of fat. I have some questions 1.i am getting around 1,500 calories a day should I try for more even though I get pretty full? 2.how much salt should I put in my drink and how much each day 3.should I start taking aspirin and vitamin e? 4.anyone know where I can get some decent gelatin in the uk? I hear now foods is rubbish. Thanks for your help-also I noticed on high fat low carb I lost loads of weight, so could low carb suit me better?


Jan 22, 2013
too harsh...gut bloating is a combo of water, salts, and cholesterol buffering to prevent attack from too much positively charged food traveling through. Skip cottage cheese, and just eat cheese or greek yogurt instead...limit orange and juice to enough to get vitamin C (2 cups or so). Perhaps drink sweet teas instead of soda, and In my opinion keep meat to little or none
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