Is there any benefit to the vinegar in the carrot salad?


May 24, 2013
I am having a little distilled white vinegar on my carrot salad, along with salt (can't have coconut oil, even the refined stuff I react to).

I'm quite happy not to have vinegar taste-wise. Is there any health benefit to adding the vinegar?


Oct 8, 2012
As far as I am aware, it is an antiseptic and/or antibiotic to some degree. If you are using vinegar regularly watch out for sulphates, there is still a lot of benefit from a carrot salad without vinegar, if it isn't your thing.


Oct 21, 2013
I use balsamic, b/c that is what's on the salad bar where i get shredded carrots ;-) I also use olive oil. I find oil to be necessary to balance the vinegar taste. They really go together and Peat has said olive oil is an ok sub for coconut on the salad.


Mar 26, 2014
It gave me killer sensitive teeth which I've never had in my life.

At first I thought it was all the sugar, but by accident I stopped having the salad and it cleared up.

Stupid question: will just eating a couple of carrots will still have the anti-estrogen effect?


Nov 9, 2012
Peater said:
Stupid question: will just eating a couple of carrots will still have the anti-estrogen effect?

Apparently the anti-estrogen part is mostly due to the fiber structure that helps transport it. And maybe the chewing and gratting makes it better as it increases the surface.


Mar 29, 2014
I think Peat suggests using vinegar with the carrot salad to add to the antimicrobial effect in the gut.
Personally I prefer my carrot salad without vinegar, but it might be more effective if it's included.

Not from Peat, but some people find a little cider vinegar helps with digesting meals - presumably if the stomach acid is a bit weak.
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