1. Limon9

    Falcarinol (Carrot) Is Protective Against Endotoxin (LPS)

    Anyone familiar with Dr. Peat's writings about carbon monoxide should stop and consider the effect on heme-oxygenase here. By acting as cytotoxins, plant compounds have numerous and ostensibly conflicting effects, even if the net effect is beneficial. The results of this study are positive, and...
  2. RyanHeeney

    I wrote a new post on the daily raw carrot...

    If there was ever a food considered to be more medicine than food, I would think it was the raw carrot. So I thought this wonder food deserved a post. As always, I always take any critiques or criticisms from you guys seriously, so feel free if you have them. The link to the article is...
  3. seano

    Carrots: Why Not Baked?

    Why are raw carrots favored over baked? According to this study, baked carrots had the most impact on bile acids. Górecka D., Korczak J., Balcerowski E., Decyk K., 2002. Sorption of bile acids and cholesterol by dietary fiber of carrots, cabbage and apples. EJPAU, Food Sci. Technol. Update...
  4. EndAllDisease

    Why Carrot Salad Between Meals?

    Quick question about carrot salad. I've heard Ray say that it's best to eat it BETWEEN meals, as opposed to with it I'm assuming. Why is this? And will consuming the carrot salad (raw carrot, coconut oil, vinegar) still have a positive effect if eaten with a meal?
  5. scarlettsmum

    raw carrot vs. charcoal

    What do you use? Raw carrot or charcoal? I get the impression that they both do the same job? I thought in one of the interviews or comments Haidut mentions that he now only uses charcoal. It's tempting, since it's oh so convenient...Any thoughts?
  6. P

    Supplementation and Carrot Salad

    Do you guys think it would be a bad idea to put supplements, for example Haidut's Estroban, on my carrot salad? Originally I liked the idea because of it's similar taste to olive oil, but now I'm wondering if the antibiotic effects of the carrot will simply destroy the vitamins. Secondly, I...
  7. Parsifal

    Will You Get Too Much Carotene From Eating A Raw Carrot With Every Meal?

    Will you get too much carotene from eating a raw carrot with every meal? Is it better to take things like Psyllium instead of carrots? Thanks :hattip
  8. milk_lover

    Your Personal Experience With Raw Carrots

    Please ignore the many benefits of eating a carrot salad every day you've heard from Ray Peat directly or any blog/site on the internet. I want to hear YOUR personal experience with the raw carrots. Do you think they help you in any shape? Have you noticed improvements or drawbacks? Does it...
  9. J

    Freezing after carrot salad

    Does anybody else experience this? My temps drop dramatically as confirmed by an oral thermometer and my feet get freezing cold. I eat the salad every day and wash the carrots for carotene. Is this the carotene shutting down my thyroid activity? I've tested and assessed this and it happens...
  10. Makrosky

    What does the carrot salad kill exactly?

    Hey Guys, I've been reading some threads about gut and endotoxin and I still don't understand if the carrot salad(+coconutoil and stuff) kills only bad bacteria or kills good flora too. Does anybody know? Thanks
  11. Xisca

    Carrots are not always orange...

    Carrotene seems to be a problem (though I do not understand which problem....) Carrotene gives carrots an orange color. But not all carrots are orange. Do white or violet carrots also contain carrotene? I have those rare colors, and I thought I would favor the orange ones, thinking carrotene...
  12. uuy8778yyi

    does mixing cheese into the carrot salad, still effective ?

    my carrot salad is grated carrot salt vinegar cheese, soft brie or something maybe some butter/coconut oil is this still effective for estrogen or does the added ingredients effect it ?
  13. Y

    why do we use coconut oil in carrot salad?

    why do we use coconut oil in carrot salad? does it have to be coconut oil? can it be another fat like olive oil or macadamia oil? if its just any fat that we need to put in (besides PUFA obviously), then why do we put fats in there? thanks!
  14. N

    So, Is This Carrot Salad A Legit Thing?

    Ah yes, the carrot salad. This is supposed to be good for you. I found this while searching about it: ... ial-growth The guy (Bukowski) says it causes bacterial overgrowth. But it's supposed to do the opposite! I guess what I want to hear are you...
  15. N

    Peat's Most Highly Recommended Carrot Prep

    Food processor. He said the blade that cuts the carrot into fine angel-hair is perfect. It sortuv casts the broadest net for endotoxin. This from the new KMUD Herb Doctors. I have a food processor and I think I have that kind of "blade"...!
  16. Y

    adding 1 tablespoon coconut oil to carrot salad okay?

    ive noticed in all the carrot salad advice they only require 1 tea spoon, but i been adding a whole tablespoon or more...mainly because i also wanna fix up my thyroid so wanna get coconut oil in as well. however it tastes gross so i can only tolerate it in carrot salad.
  17. P

    Carrot or carrot juice and misc. questions...

    Can you juice the carrot or do you have to eat it? Do any of you dip the carrots in anything? I used to do it with hummus but that's heavy on PUFAs... Oh. Do you guys eat marmite/ vegemite and what do you think Peat would say about it? ;)
  18. E

    Carotene interference

    "If your cholesterol is above 200, and the thyroid supplements didn't warm you up, it's possible that something is interfering with your steroid synthesis, which might be a deficiency of something like vitamin A, or interference from something like iron or carotene. Have you tried a supplement...
  19. J

    Carrots And Antibiotic Resistance

    It's advised to not use antibiotics for long periods because the microorganisms adapt and become resistant. Why doesn't this apply to the carrot? Is it because the action of the carrot is about dragging the microorganisms out of the body more than killing them on site?
  20. J

    The Carrot Salad Might Help You With

    adapting to drinking milk getting used to aspirin, because according to some studies, aspirin could enhance intestinal permeability and thus serum endotoxin, so it would be helpful to eliminate some endotoxin with the carrot getting used to gelatin powder, because, again, the carrot eliminates...