How Often And By What Amount Did You Increase Your NDT Dose By?


May 2, 2020
Increasing thyroid slow and steady is definitely the way to go as we all know.... But how slow do you go? I feel like increasing your dose if hypothyroid symptoms are still present every 2 months is too long (as per Broda Barnes) - 1 month sounds more reasonable to me but it would be nice to hear how you guys do it , thanks :smiley:
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Jul 9, 2020
I thought Broda Barnes's method was bi-monthly increases, not monthly? Wasn't it every 2 weeks you increase the dose until you reach desired effect? Admittedly I'm not sure because it's been awhile since I've even experimented with thyroid, but I think it's every two weeks.

I've been thinking about trying thyroid again, only problem is my sleep seems to be worse. Might try taking it early in the morning instead of around lunch time.
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