How much water do you drink? (made into tea, coffee etc)


May 24, 2013
I aim not to drink water, instead I prefer salted juice or milk.

Looking at my cronometer record, though, I find I drink about 1000ml (4 cups) of water per day made into tea.

I guess this volume of water is not a good thing, right? Should I make milk tea by stewing the bag in hot milk, or drink lattes etc?

How much water (incl tea or coffee water) do you drink each day?


Jun 12, 2013
I seem to average under 3000 g. That's the liquids in coffee, Coke, other beverages, etc. It also includes a little mineral water I use to take pills. I really don't drink plain water just to drink it anymore. The liquids I do get have sodium, or are consumed with foods that have that, so things seem balanced.

Though I just thought of something - I have been drinking some green tea with just sugar in it for the last week. I wonder if I should have salt with it.


Oct 28, 2012
I drink at least half gallon of water a day plus other liquids in the form of milk, orange juice, coffee, etc... So probably about a gallon of liquid a day if not more.


Dec 31, 2012
Between the milk, coffee w. milk/cream, OJ, watermelon juice, broth and carbonated water, I guess I drink about 3 litres of liquid per day. Like Peata, I usually drink at meals, or the drinks are meals i.e. have carbs, protein and fats. I often salt my juice and a dash in milk. I did not react well to drinking so many liquids - got hungry quickly, cold etc, but I make sure I get enough sodium and all the macronutrients. I think I was just doing it wrong, or I made enough improvements to handle more liquid. Or both.


Jul 3, 2013
London/Shropshire, England
Ttramone, it took me adding salt to all my food to get over the sweaty palms and cold feet when I had too much liquid.

I drink about a litre of water a day which comes from my coffee. Add 2 litres milk, 1 litre oj or lemonade and that's 4 litres of liquid a day. I may reduce that in future but I love my coffee milk n sugar combo :partydance


Jun 20, 2013
This is o/t and I should maybe make a new thread for this, but: do you guys know if minerals are bio-available from mineral water? I ask this because, in spite of drinking generous (IMO), quantities of milk and OJ, typically at least 1 litre each, (and coffee with milk, so my milk intake ends up being at least 1+1/2 litres a day), I am still feeling compelled to drink quite a large quantity of sparkling mineral water (between 1 and 2 litres a day, sometimes as much as 3). And the brands I am most drawn to are the highest in calcium and magnesium (and sulfur). I don't feel water-logged despite taking in an inordinate amount of fluid (I do make a point to get a lot of salt each day). Thoughts, anyone? I would honestly like to know if the minerals in mineral water are bio-available. Or maybe I am just craving the CO2?
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