Hot Tea > Hot Coffee As Thermogenic Hydration Stimulus

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    I found myself making green/ginger tea more often with honey, salt, lemon, and it is such a great combination. I enjoy it far more than coffee, which I feel contributes to intestinal edema/permability/bloating/endotoxin etc that may be derived more from the alkaloidal/polyphenol substances in coffee, rather than caffeine itself. I never remember the feeling of having a bowel movement, when taking 200mg caffiene pills in the past as a preworkout, but with coffee it's a whole other story.

    I think too many people are indulging themselves in hot or ice coffee with copious amounts of cream and sugar, in more frequency thinking it's 'peaty'. Coffee also has substantial effects of decreasing appetite, that can lead one to easily go into fasting hours. One interesting notion, is that I have found, I have gotten a good night's sleep when I wake up hungry, and the day appears much different. Coffee morning, lunch, afternoon, can and will mess up your natural eating windows that the body wants to fall into for homeostasis.

    Losing appetite is serotonogenic. Having slimy, messy bowel movements, is serotonogenic. When someone gets sick, they lose their appetite, and have messy bowel movements... I don't think there is any plausible way of saying coffee is peaty what so ever. The whole point of the colon is to absorb water from the digestive process, not do the reverse and flood it with more water.

    However isolating caffeine is probably a better option than drinking coffee, and say even adding it to tea, with glycine, creatine, etc. I feel that tea is a better vehicle for supplements, than coffee.

    On a similar but different note, looking back into many cultures across the world, soups, broths, teas, are a daily thing in colder months and this is what many people have abandoned. And during the winter time many people instinctively don't become thirsty for plain water, and without these culinary interventions one become dehydrated, and hypothyroid. Many studies on dehydration creating hypothyroidism. This makes perfect sense in regards to hibernation, and hypothyroidism causes one to retain water as well.