Beef Gelatin Taste Is Disgusting


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Nov 8, 2020
So i am taking beef gelatin for a while now, maybe 1-2 weeks and my skin in my face started to glow and i feel oberall better. Since the beginning i drank it in my morning coffee and didn't notice the taste of it. But yesterday i tried the gelatin in cold water and the taste is just disgusting, like burned skin and hair. Since then i can't take this anymore and threw that gelatin away. Still i remember the taste and :grumpy::grumpy:

I'm planning to try hydrolized collagen now because i don't want to stop with gelatin. Is there any chance that collagen doesn't have this disgusting taste???
Nov 21, 2015
I had a similar experience when I was using gelatin but I don’t have it with collagen. The collagen seems fine and I don’t taste it and it doesn’t seem to have the endotoxins that gelatin has.
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