Gelatin Caused Nightmares And Poor Sleep?


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Dec 12, 2018
Has anyone had an issue with poor sleep and nightmares on gelatin, perhaps also some sleep paralysis?

I started taking 15mg of beef gelatine twice a day about 5 days ago and have noticed poor sleep on the first day of taking it, with increasing frequency of nightmares since.
I have only had good sleep before which changed the day I started gelatine so I'm pretty certain it's what is causing the poor sleep.

I have found some blogs claiming it has an effect on serotonin via tryptophan depletion, but I haven't found any scientific data that backs that claim.
There are people saying it has negatively affected their sleep, lowered their mood and increased anxiety or worsened their depression. These are on a website called Everywomanover29 on the post titled "Collagen and gelatin lower serotonin: does this increase your anxiety and depression?"

Some further details about my circumstances:
- I am taking gelatine for my knee issues
- I started an SSRI a month ago for anxiety and depression

Has any of you experienced this or have any feedback?

Cherry Garcia

Feb 15, 2019
It's very interesting to see how gelatin affects everyone differently and at different amounts. When I was taking 15g daily before bed, it would make me extremely drowsy and I had very deep sleep, the only problem was that I would be extremely tired/groggy/drowsy when trying to wake up, I could almost barely get out of bed for like an hour or so (I almost gave up on gelatin for this reason but decided to push through). When I recently upped my dose to 40g (20g morning, 20g before bed), the drowsiness went, but I still have great deep sleep and now wake up just fine feeling refreshed. And a great side effect at the higher level is that my joint inflammation and pain is gone (which was not the case at 15g). It seems one has to experiment with the amount that works for them individually.
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