My Gelatin Testimonial So Far

Cherry Garcia

Feb 15, 2019
In terms of stats I am female, 39 and overweight since childhood and for the last couple of years had left knee joint bone on bone crunching that I only thought surgery could fix.

I have been using gelatin daily for over a month, I bought a bulk 1kg cheap brand of bovine gelatin, I was taking one heaped tablespoon (12-15g) in my hot cocoa before bed, the only benefit for the 1 month was my nails grew stronger (no more splitting/brittleness), and also with sleep, I would become immediately drowsy and drift off into a very deep sleep, the only problem was waking up was so difficult, I'd feel very groggy every morning and could barely hear my alarm. I almost gave up.

Then after doing more research just this week and landing on this forum (as of 4 days ago), I decided to up my intake to 40g a day, the first two days I got a massive migraine and almost quit but decided to push through as I wasn't sure if the migraine was from increase in gelatin or my PMS migraine.

So yesterday I went to the gym (I hadn't gone in a week), I was in shock, almost 5 years worth of daily bone on bone crunching in my left knee (I would experience pain/crunching when climbing stairs, elliptical, biking etc and I knew that only surgery would be able to solve it). After just 4 days at 40g daily gelatin (split 20g morning and 20g before bed), my knee is almost back to 100%, I almost couldn't believe it, in the past I would experience pain when doing squats and especially reverse lunges, I could never go beyond 2 sets due to pain, yesterday I did 4 sets easy!

The biggest test was climbing a flight of steps, I haven't been able to do that without my left knee crunching/pain again I was in shock, I climbed them just fine (with an ever so slight discomfort that was barely there, meaning with time I believe this should fix itself as well). I am still amazed and cannot believe the benefits in just afew days. Interestingly enough, at 40g a day (20g x 2 times a day), I do not have the grogginess feeling at night or in the morning, but I still get healthy deep sleep and able to wake up very fresh with no grogginess and able to jump out of bed with joint pains, inflammation whatsoever. I am so excited to continue at 40g daily and see what further benefits I may experience. (my initial reason for taking the gelatin was to see if it will help with regrowth of hair in my crown area as it has thinned out quite abit, so I'm still hopeful that things may change in that regard, if they do, i'll report).

(For the 40g daily gelatin I now instead make it in a jello form the night before and split it in two, to have a 20g worth slice in the morning and a 20g worth slice before bed.)

TL;DR: At 15g gelatin daily for a month, only saw improvement in nails. After just afew days of upping it to 40g of gelatin per day, my left knee cartilage is almost back to 100% after years of bone on bone crunching/pain when climbing stairs, there is no more crunch and no more pain. I am a gelatin convert for life.


Aug 23, 2018
That's great to hear. And welcome on the forum!

I experimented with gelatin a bit last fall, but did not notice any major changes apart from maybe less pain during my period. Since I'm pretty bad at implementing one change at a time, I can't be sure it was the gelatin and not some other variable.

I think I will give a higher dose a try when I recover from my recent blunder.

When you make your jello, what ratio of liquid do you use ?

Cherry Garcia

Thread starter
Feb 15, 2019
That's great to hear. And welcome on the forum!

I experimented with gelatin a bit last fall, but did not notice any major changes apart from maybe less pain during my period. Since I'm pretty bad at implementing one change at a time, I can't be sure it was the gelatin and not some other variable.

I think I will give a higher dose a try when I recover from my recent blunder.

When you make your jello, what ratio of liquid do you use ?
Thanks for the warm welcome! :) I was so glad to find a forum that was discussing benefits of higher amounts of gelatin consumption (online most were discussing just a tablespoon or so per day).

To answer your question, at the moment the jello I make is 40g gelatin powder and I use about 1.5 cups of water (I add some flavour drops (eg strawberry or vanilla essence etc) and some stevia to sweeten). That's considered "little" amount of water for that amount of gelatin, so it comes out tough/rubbery almost like a gummy bear, I divide it into two, one half in the morning and one half in the evening. Other times I'll add more water (like 3 cups or abit more) and then it becomes closer to normal jello texture. I found playing with the water amounts varies the wobbliness of the jello, for now I find the tough gummy version fun to eat as it's chewy so I make it that way more often.

Now that I've done it a couple of times it takes me just 3mins or so to make (but can still be cumbersome/monotonous lol! so i'm thinking of doubling the amounts and making 2 days worth instead and splitting into 4 parts instead, that way I'll be making it every other day instead).


Aug 6, 2015
taking it with natural vitamin c will increase the effects even further,

acerola powder is very safe


May 11, 2016
Thanks for sharing your experience. Welcome to the forums. The awful morning headache could have been blood sugar related. Balancing the gelatin with real sugar is the key esp at night while fasting. You might have a slight liver prob? Just a few thoughts. All the best.
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