Acidity Of Cheese An Issue?


Jul 30, 2017
Been eating a lot of aged cheeses recently including gruyere, comte.. maybe parmigianno from time to time..

What's the take on the acidity of these cheeses? I saw some news article on how cheese can be dangerously acidic.. Like I can really taste and feel the acidity of some of these cheeses especially the closer to the rind you go.. An issue or nothing to worry about?


Sep 29, 2017
"News article"...Why would the acidic ph of cheese be a problem? Soft cheeses have a lower ph (are more acidic) than the aged cheeses you mentioned. If anything, the histamine of aged cheeses might theoretically be a problem for some people. You can avoid the histamine by eating fresh cheeses like queso fresco, cottage cheese, mozarella, etc.


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Jul 30, 2017
Yeah I know it doesn't mean anything.. really? I had no idea that.. I was simply going by the fact that aged cheeses taste and feel really acidic to me.. but this is not true your saying? @Kartoffel
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