PUFA Free (fat Free Cheese) For Calcium And Protein

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Hey Peaters!

    I know a lot of people on here are guzzling down 2l of low fat or skim milk a day just trying to get that high level of 2000mg of calcium per day,

    Rather than consuming unsatiating excess liquids and throwing off prolactin/estrogen levels along with washing out water soluable vitamins and imbalancing electrolytes I discovered you can easily enjoy cheese and condense the nutrients like calcium and protein making it easily attainable to hit 2000mg of calcium and around 70g of protein in one meal from cheese without having to worry about the PUFA content of cheese,

    Fat free cottage cheese is hard to find especially ones without excessive additives and gums, I found out you can easily turn Greek yogurt into cheese,

    Literally just buy fat free Greek yogurt, microwave it a few times until the liquid separates, then drain the liquid or use a cheesecloth, then when you drain the liquid you’ve got solid cheese that actually holds together!

    (Mind this you do not need a cheesecloth, I literally just microwave mine, it’s all based on preference)

    I’ve been doing this recently and it’s delicious I add plenty of salt with mushrooms completely PUFA FREE, for the crazy fat free guys on the forum like myself,

    For people worried about lactic acid levels I believe the lactic acid is all in the brine and liquid so I think turning it into cheese actually dramaticly reduces the lactic acid level giving this option another bonus,

    Also removing the liquid eliminates the nasty sour taste no one likes

    Personally I have noticed extremely powerful metabolic responses to this, heart rate jumps up body gets warm skin turns red feels like a boost in thyroid,

    I use compliments Greek yogurt fat free which has 550mg of calcium for 3/4 of a cup, so the entire container has 2000mg of calcium and roughly 70g of protein,

    This is a really efficient way to cram all the good stuff in milk into smaller pieces of cheese so you can hit all those nutrient markers without consuming copious amounts of liquid milk,

    I feel stronger and healthier doing this and I eat the entire container in one meal delivering 2000mg of calcium and 70g of protein roughly in only 1 meal, meaning,

    No more excess liquids because we know drinking 2l of milk a day is tough and sometimes unsatiating,

    Ironically the entire container doesn’t actually produce that much cheese either so it’s not like you have to eat unrealistic amounts of cheese to get this,

    (Side note Peat has mentioned microbial enzymes in cheese being harmful and preferring rennet, there are neither of those things in yogurt which I also think is a bonus not having microbial enzymes, and rennet based dairy is hard to find)

    This is great because not only do you get a large amount of calcium and protein in a single meal, it still leaves a large window to get even more in the diet later in the day or other nutrient sources from different foods allowing a Peat diet heavy in dairy to be more balanced without excess liquids so you don’t have to choose milk or OJ,

    Most importantly!

    ABSOLUTELY ZERO PUFA! You can load up as much cheese as you want without worrying about accumulating the garbage PUFA, now you don’t have to hold back on cheese,

    If you worried about taste, I find it actually delicious! Little dry but still really good,

    By doing this you can essentially hit your protein and calcium markers in one meal while leaving room for all other kinds of food in a day!

    Just thought I’d share this because I’ve been trying to find a way to get PUFA free cheese forever whether it was hydrogenated cheese of just fat free cheese,

    Pretty excessive doing fat free I know, but this is what I strive for, eliminating those last little bits of PUFA out of the diet!

    If anyone decides to try this please let me know, I’d be interested to hear other people’s results and see if they had a similar positive metabolic experience.

    I also should mention @haidut has shared threads on the forum of around 2500mg of calcium being very anabolic and increasing testosterone, imagine hitting that in one meal and going beyond?

    Calcium (and/or Magnesium) Raises Testosterone Levels In Men