Transdermal DHEA Questions


May 26, 2018
How much milligrams of total DHEA do you put on your body?

How much milliliters of oil do you put on your body?

On what areas of your body do you put the oil – shoulders, arms?

How do you dose DHEA transdermally?
Nov 21, 2015
i use about 5mg or so. Sometimes 10mg. No more. Throat is working well. Daily with Progest-E and Mitolipin and Tocovit and maybe 5-10mg of K2 MK4.


Feb 7, 2017
Topically I've mixed 50-60 mg with olive oil- 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. (Peat mentioned only about 10% being absorbed topically.)
Lately, I've been taken it orally with progest-e (5-10 mg DHEA to 25-30 mg of progest-e)

Topically it seems have a bit more of an androgenic effect applied on upper thighs.
Orally, more of a calming effect.


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May 26, 2018
1/4 to 1/2 tsp. (Peat mentioned only about 10% being absorbed topically.)

RP said the area covered with oil should be taken into account, as it affect absorption; that’s the reason I am wondering how much milliliters of oil people are using. Like 50 mg dhea in 1 millilitres of oil vs. 50 mg dhea in 3 millilitres of oil would be different in terms of absorption (the latter would be absorbed faster and thus, probably in higher amounts in comparison.)
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