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    Nov 23, 2013
    I've known of Peat's work a mere 6 months and continue to be surprised by my experience. The last week in particular has been quite amazing. When I first discovered Peat's articles I knew that this was my last chance at healing having already exhausted all other measures in the health sphere over a 20 year period. Deep down I don't think I really expected anything to work but I was at a point where I had nothing left to lose. Ironically despite my mind set I started getting better. Over the past week there has been a dramatic shift and I've had to readjust some aspects of my approach. I think it caught me off guard because deep down I thought I had probably healed as much as a middle aged person could. Boy was I wrong! I'm understanding more now what Ray means by the phrase " the fullness of life". What a wonderful experience to have. I could have looked at the situation as a set back but when you have the tools to readjust after only a couple of days I'd say I've become resilient and I could honestly never say that before.