Is It Okay To Take A Collagen Supplement Alongside Magnesium Glycinate?

Both together?

  • Yeah its safe

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  • Not safe, consume a different type of mag sup because you get enough glycine as it is

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Mar 2, 2018

I just ordered pure encapsulations magnesium glycinate: Magnesium (glycinate)

Now I know there is glycine in the final product, i already consume 15g-20g of great lakes collagen a day which is a hefty amount of glycine, is it safe to take the mag glycinate supplement alongside it?

I only plan to get a maximum of about 120-240mg of magnesium through that supplement a day at most.

I have asked PE but does anyone know the final content of glycine normally in these supplements?

Travis Burch who i really trust says to pick another form if you supplement collagen/gelatin already: REVIEWS: Magnesium Supplements | Travis Burch .

I just think this glycinate form is the best and i'd really prefer to take this one over others.



Apr 8, 2020
1: why do you think that that this amount glycine from collagen is heavy and unhealthy/dangerous?
2: why do you be afraid of consuming collagen and magnesium together?


Thread starter
Mar 2, 2018
1: why do you think that that this amount glycine from collagen is heavy and unhealthy/dangerous?
2: why do you be afraid of consuming collagen and magnesium together?

I have no reason to believe it's unhealthy i'm just assuming it is


Jul 17, 2015
my bisglycinate magnesium is 55 % glycine and 15 % magnesium element.
One dosis is 10 ml = 2.5 gr.
=> Ok.
Haidut said 10 mgr glycine is supposed to be absorbed by 20 % (2 mgr), if I remember well.
I won't take more than 50 % collagen as protein source.
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