Hydrolised Collagen/gelatin Allergic Response

James Myatt

Apr 5, 2020
I have been upping my intake of gelatin recently from consome soup and also hydrolised collagen supplement in powder form.

I have been feeling sick, dizzy, nauseas, off balance, short of breathe and anxious.

Any help would be appreciated

I am 27 yo male from UK, very lean but not very strict with my diet and seem to lose weight when taking in more fat than carbohydrates


Apr 8, 2020
Whats out with gelatin supplements.
Most of it contains sulphites, histamine and endoxine's because its made from rotten animal hides.
if you want the benefits from gelatine you better buy glycine. thats 100% pure.

James Myatt

Thread starter
Apr 5, 2020
Whats out with gelatin supplements.
Most of it contains sulphites, histamine and endoxine's because its made from rotten animal hides.
if you want the benefits from gelatine you better buy glycine. thats 100% pure.

Thanks for the advice


Mar 29, 2016
Every time I take a supplement now, I'd ask myself what contaminants there is, and I'd ask if I'm still going to get better, notwithstanding, or whether I'm just going to get worse for it.

I'm not cool with powdered gelatin. It's mass produced. The skin used is never going to be tested for endotoxins. I end up eating a lot of endotoxins. I don't care if it's been tested yadayada. I don't trust these tests. They may test one special batch and say yadayada, but the real production is not tested. It's called gaming the system. As buyers, we pretend that we believe these tests are carried out, because it makes us justify buying these products. We're not likely to feel the direct effects of the endotoxins, so we can easily say "much ado over nothing" to naysayers.

I wouldn't go for the glycine either, unless small and tolerable quantities are used each time. I don't like isolated amino acids, especially singular ones. I'd rather take gelatin, and since I've found a good source, I've ditched cow face, oxtail, pork face, pork skin, and chicken feet. I'm just going with pork and beef tendons. Might be hard to find. Go to a Chinese grocer and ask for it.
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