ORN 2020-06-15: Dr. Peat On COVID Testing, Exosomes, EMFs, Gray Hair, Vaccines, Aging


Jun 19, 2017
Patrick Timpone (PT): oneradionetwork.com. well welcome to our to or part 2. [Announcements of the next guests.] Please just use the email this morning for some reason for some reason we just can't get the 800 number to be working this morning so well we'll work on that have it for you tomorrow. Ray Peat, PhD University of Oregon. He specialized in physiology, he started his work on hormones way back fifty years ago. I was getting out of the military or in the military. Ray Peat was working on hormones in 1968, he wrote his dissertation with outline the ideas on progesterone and hormone so he's been at it for a very long time, and as I said on the third Monday of every month Dr. Ray Peat is with this and he's right here. Good morning, sir, how are you?

Ray Peat RP: good morning. very well.

PT: well, you sound you sound very well. How do you spend most of your days these days?

RP: reading, a little painting. Mostly just reading but occasionally painting some.

PT: Painting too, and what kind of things you do you read?

RP: Oh, most recently I was reading about a trial in Spain: the murder of the six Jesuits and their housekeeper and her daughter. After 31 years as they're finally bringing the Vice minister I think it is of defense to trial and in Spain for murdering the priests.

PT: so you you just go for things that are just interesting to you not necessarily always in the health realm?

RP: no no I try to keep up a little bit on the news.

PT: yeah yeah so you sent me your last newsletter thanks for that and you you were, you're saying that your the argument of this, and I'm just gonna read the first line, and I read it with Dr. Massey. A failure of energy metabolism limits the ability of cells to return from an excited active state to a stable resting state an unresolved excitation causes cells to emit signals indicating the need for repair inflammatory signals. Pre-existing inflammation is associated with high altitude sickness and the ability to get sick from the corona virus as well a chronic diseases, this implies that treatment for a so-called corona virus infection should be to reduce cellular excitation and inflammation and normalize energy production. It also implies that these treatments will have favorable effects on cell aging. So Dr. Massey was talking earlier, and I wonder if this ties in. so is it possible that the lungs and the cells were doing something in response to the body's fear or angst or anything or hmm.

RP: yeah the emotions a person for example a sick person or an extremely old and frail person will often lose control their emotions and have exaggerated intensity of emotions. That's because the the emotional system is stable stabilized in the young person so that they can experience something very upsetting and within hours or at most maybe a few days they'll be all the way back to normal. But if a person's health is a little borderline, a fairly moderate emotional shock will linger for weeks and weeks as like post-traumatic stress disorder. A very tough person that can go through the same experience without the brain consequences.

PT: so I see so the if organism is stronger it's easier to to deal with the emotions that come up and then let them go and move on mm-hmm I see huh so so you saying that this is this and but this is about the lungs as well what's the connection there with the lungs?

RP: the the brain is just an extreme example of what's going on in every kind of cell. And the idea of excitation and recovery, you see it in the nerves as electrical chemical change in in which you you disturb the nerve and the goes under an extreme metabolically intense process and then as it builds up its ATP again it goes back to the resting state ins ready for another stimulus. Exactly that same thing happens in secretory cells for example you irritate it and it'll give a burst of secretion and then if there's energy and oxygen sugar being supplied, it'll quickly recover its ability to secrete again. And the lung surface cells, for example, someone with some of them are secreting mucus others secrete various smaller molecules but everything is metabolically active and irritation intensifies that activity and energy helps it returned to its ready to work resting state.

PT: so is it possible that folks who maybe you were sheltered in place and going through stress and being kind of confined that when that when they are quote-unquote allowed to get back out that the body could be healing which could demonstrate symptoms that they're actually sick.

RP: Oh for sure. Especially if they've lost their job or their business being shut down. that's the bigger consequences. For some people it's believing what Fauci and Gates are telling them and believing that there's there's really special pandemic going on this year. Something radically different from last year.

PT: Is it your is it your research and opinion then that the body then does show symptoms when it is actually getting healing rather than being sick, with inflammation and such?

RP: If you're really strong and healthy you can heal a slight wound without inflammation like like a healthy fetus, if, for example, a surgeon takes a sample of tissues and if the mother is healthy the wound will heal without the inflammation and without leaving the scar. And a very healthy young person will take take a wound and will close right up without making a big sore or inflamed area. It just that sort of relaxes back into place and start closing up the wound.

PT: so so it's the idea then the stronger and stronger we are the more we can do without being sore or like exercising, stuff like that, if we have in for a while the body's can react more severely?

RP: Yeah, for example, an old person who suddenly decides to do weightlifting will probably have lingering symptoms for three or four days where a young person would be sore overnight maybe but have be entirely back in a day or so.

PT: Wow Dr. ray Peat is with us and you can get that newsletter and it's a it's a raypeats newsletter at gmail.com. Patrick Timpone here with you and as I said the 800 numbers are off so just do the email thing right now Patrick at oneradio Network dot com. As you know, Dr. Peat, more and more states are now reporting more cases and they use that term, of course, cases and I guess they're tying it into the idea that if you are tested and you're positive than you are a case. Right right. So they're they're reporting more cases and the governor of Florida came out and said well yeah we are but we're testing 30,000 people a day so he's kind of catching on to this idea can you explain to us this test that they're doing can you really help us understand exactly what it is testing and what it is not?

RP: well the even the Centers for Disease Control didn't know what they were testing. They were mixing the numbers for both kinds both major types of tests together so it was ridiculous but the people on the staff and professors were shocked when they learned that the numbers didn't mean anything because they were mixing two totally different types of tests one showed the presence of the virus the other showed immunity to the virus and so that the government itself has been probably deliberately covering up blurring essentially destroying meaningful information.

PT: so the test today that is being given and they have this swamp thing and even drive throughs and lots of people are doing it are they is it possible that they can actually show a virus that is COVID 19 that is separate from other kind of stuff in the body can they really can they do that?

RP: To a certain extent. It can show. sometimes it can be right some. But it's often false positive. junk RNA will sometimes cause the reaction.

PT: so junk or of antibodies and things like that actually shows up as an actual virus?

RP: well other other pieces of RNA can can get amplified and the presence of a certain stretch of RNA is amplifying and measuring with the polymerase chain reaction test and if they find the presence of the virus, the fact that somewhere between 35 and 80% of people can have the virus present and no symptoms at all. So what does it mean if they find the virus present, it can be just a few stray viruses that might be stuck somewhere or not but since as many as 80% of the people don't have any symptoms when they have the virus, the the presence of a positive test usually is meaningless, usually it means they're simply not reacting to a virus, so it isn't a pathogen.

PT: so if if there's a corona COVID, what's the correct term? it's a COVID 19 is that's the actual virus that they claim? okay so if this test can show a COVID 19 in in the PCR tests are given in some cases then that means that that exists? I mean it must exist and, right, somewhere?

RP: yeah that they argue that is the number 19 rather than last year's right here are some there are so many of them and they're changing as so often that you don't really know know for sure what the test was standardized on?

PT: I see so so what you're saying I hear you say it could show up some kind of a corona type viruses and there's a lot of them but we don't know you don't know that much about it if it's very special where it came from is it communicable?

RP: yeah people who make, they get a sample that they declare to be the real thing, and then you really have to test the test to see whether what it's finding is meaningful but they just haven't done any big testing. The FDA rush them into use without testing the tests so you could even show them over and over it will truly reflect the standard you have in lab. Yes yes it's amplifying that and has a very high reliability for that known virus but when you go out and test it on people without standardizing the test you don't know how much how sensitive it is to discriminating against junk RNA.

PT: I see and how long will it take to in your opinion to do that correctly?

RP: Several months probably thousands of people would have to be tested, doing multiple tests when you get a positive then examining them more carefully to see what the positive consists of. For example, you should have to test, examine looking for other corona viruses if you find other corona virus positives in the person who tested positive for COVID19, then that weakens the meaning of your test, if you aren't testing for other related things how do you know for sure what you have found.

PT: so all of these different fluid and flu and cold viruses am I understand they are a corona genre type virus there's a lot of them?

RP: yeah, the corona virus has been known to cause colds for decades.

PT: so there's no evidence then that whatever this COVID 19 is that they call it is any different or stronger or unique, any evidence

RP: very very little evidence, the best evidence is Stanford professors about three months ago were getting different ways of looking at existing evidence and studies on people in California and looking at the the cruise ship that was infected, both of those approaches showed that was very similar to the standard flu antigenicity, and possibly less, but in vicinity of a fraction of one percent mortality of those infected which is in the range of the annual flu viruses.

PT: Dr. Ray Peat, is it possible that whatever these PCR tests are seen that they're claiming is a unique corona virus could be being produced by the body, exosome has been argued?

RP: Oh our DNA is full of stuff that looks like RNA viruses. Some people say that it's half of our our DNA, which is about twice as much DNA as we need for our genes that construct all of us. So there is this mysterious dark non-genetic DNA which gives signs of being related to the RNA viruses and so it's very possible that stored in this immense amount of DNA that there are already some overlapping bits of RNA. When when you're under stress we put out exosomes and they're in the same size range and structural composition of this type of virus, a very similar under the microscope little round particles that are synthesized in a certain part of the cell and stream out of the cell being secreted in blood but under stress these are repair particles. Injured cells will send signals, for example, to the bone marrow and the bone marrow will manufacture exosome material containing RNA and DNA and proteins that help to repair the injured cells in other parts of the body. The stem cell system is largely regulated through these exosomes, an internal communication system. And so the stress that turns those on happens to be the stress that the viruses use as to activate their own synthesis and secretion.

PT: so is it possible them that stress or poisons or other insults on the body could be producing an exosome that looks just like a virus and is being identified as a virus?

RP: yeah, the important thing is that it's it's that the official government approved researchers won't even look at this gigantic part of our DNA system. They aren't going to question whether we already have some very similar coronavirus type RNA in our reservoir of genetic information, which will come out under stress. If you don't look at it, you'll never find it.

PT: so is it possible that people under stress having to wear masks having to stay home losing their job, worried about their finances and their family could be creating these exosomes that could be shown up then as a virus?

RP: yeah, any stress that can increase your exosome manufacture. But those, it's a fairly small industry to study of the exosome system and the basic problem is that it was denied as contrary to the basic dogma of genetics and molecular biology. It's the epigenetic system, and RNA viruses were said to be impossible because of the dogma that says information goes only from DNA to RNA to protein and so for a virus to contain only RNA but to get into DNA went in the wrong direction. so the whole thing required about, well fifty years ago it started, but the scientific community gradually adapted to to accept RNA viruses are real thing but seen the whole genome, the whole DNA content of cells, seeing that as active and functional that's the hard part. They just prefer not to get involved in that, especially as it relates to immunity, because it it opens up the area of doubt about a million-fold.

PT: doubt for the germ theory vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

RP: yeah basically the the antibody-vaccine theory would totally melt away into nothing if people started looking at the actual immune system.

PT: Wow. So, Dr. Ray Peat, then was this what Pasteur was arguing that there are RNA things out there, viruses that are separate from us and can attack us I mean that was his premise right?

RP: yeah yeah there are there are things out there but that the dogma says that they originated separately, and what the evidence looks like is that these circulating viruses probably, since they can't evolve they can't exist except in a higher organism you can't evolve lower thing like a virus if its existence depends on a mammal, for example, you can't conceive of it coming into existence de novo. So you have to see it as a product of higher organism. We or other organisms under stress create exosomes. Some of these get emitted into the environment and they spread information between organisms the way bacteria, if one bacterium is exposed to an antibiotic, it can produce a little particle a bacteria equivalent of an exosome having the genes which make it able to resist the antibiotic and it will approach another bacterium of a different strain even or even a different species. There's evidence that this particle can be transmitted across a fairly genetic difference. So one bacterium sends out a little tube connecting it to another bacterium that wasn't exposed and passes this particle of genetic information and the other bacterium can then integrate it and reproduce and all of his descendants will be immune to antibiotic so if bacteria can fit, it's only the genetic genetic dogma of one-way information that makes makes people resistant to looking at the transmission of these particles between organisms. So if you're around stress organisms, this approach would say sure you're at risk of catching their stress.

PT: so let's see so say a husband is stressed and creates exosomes and starts the process of healing I suspect then the wife could experience the same thing because? He's gonna teach her body help her body to learn how to become immune from this thing?

RP: yeah the basic principle would probably be like the bacteria that the bacterial adapted and passed its adaptation to its neighbors and the mechanism as as far as it exists in plants and the animals would be to pass these useful repair units on to other members of the family.

PT: yes so that could be possible then I just a kind of a God whatever you want to call it evolutionary process to make the species stronger everybody's helping everybody to get stronger essentially is what you what are you saying.

RP: yeah, yeah there have been people at making good arguments for this in among plants, in particular, going back 50-60 years.

PT: so does, do we always have to feel symptoms flu-like, headache, or whatever, when when we take on one of these little repair guys to get stronger. do we have to know that?

RP: no not not at all. The fact that they're finding positive RNA evidence of the virus in people who don't have any symptoms at all. Maybe eighty percent of the people don't feel anything from it. so it's it's being passed on and that probably integrated into creating better immunity eighty percent of the people. But if you have a sick stressed unhappy malnourished population, they are going to have trouble adapting.

PT: okay so there will be some people that will die? Could die right because they were just sick you know and compromised in pre preconditioned and the rest of it?

PT: yeah that would be the 1/10 to 1/4 of 1% what's happening.

PT: yeah because of age and preconditions.

RP: yeah, in Spain or Italy, the mortality of men is 70%, about almost 3 times greater mortality but it's especially old men. And young women, the only young women that were dying were very very sick individuals. Menstruating women of ordinary health were extremely resistant to the infection.

PT: is there any evidence that the mortality rate of this particular virus or this particular flu season is any more severe than others? Other years?

RP: Um. Not really. These figures suggest that it's a fairly typical year for mortality. A few people have been watching a very odd thing in the CDC figures: Starting last Fall we were noticing a very unhistorical decline in the total national mortality, a dip, people just weren't dying of anything as as often as they should old age or accidents or whatever normally kill people. There was a great drop in mortality week after week, and 15% in many weeks through the winter. And suddenly in the first week of April the people who had been missing from the national mortality, suddenly there was this spike in excess mortality if you somehow had a block to between the reporting of the deaths starting last Fall and the recording of them in the CDC, and then suddenly broke the barrier to recording these deaths that could account for this huge spike in excess mortality because there had been a buildup of deficient mortality for weeks.

PT: so this whole idea of the so-called second wave what would, what would you expect just knowing what you understand how this works if people start to come out of their shelter in place take off their masks and don't do the six feet and all that, could we expect to see symptomatic being you know whatever they mean more or and then if people get tested more the numbers could theoretically quote get worse unquote right? possible?

RP: yeah I think that's what's happening that has happened that they're confusing the very result of testing more. They're saying look we're catching a lot of infections that means it's increasing but people don't necessarily get sick when they have the virus in them. So you shouldn't be looking at anything except who is sick.

PT: yeah and so in your opinion who was running the show here on a big picture of coming up with this story is it? the WHO and the CDC and who's involved in this?

RP: Both of them they're they're tightly layered with the pharmaceutical industry. They're now had just another agency controlled by not only the pharmaceutical industry but, if you look at the what happens last Fall in the Federal Reserve system, they started putting out that six trillion dollars into the economy last Fall before anyone was talking about a virus at all and then there was historically big wave of resignations of CEOs of the biggest corporations late last Fall, long before the stock market crash. So they had inside news. I saw a video in which Bill Gates was saying: "we were totally unprepared, we weren't anticipating this at all, we need to do better and be anticipating a further waves of infection". But he was one of the motivators of a program to model and create a play of how they would respond to it. They had leaders of industry and finance and the health systems pharmaceutical industry kept together last October and anticipate how how they would respond to a pandemic caused by a coronavirus important in the United States. So it was all sketched out that they would have a dramatic new way of responding to a pandemic. And have a pandemic isn't necessarily a big thing. It can be an international wave of cold, doesn't doesn't mean it's going to be anything deadly or very hard.

PT: Are you speaking of the 201 thing that they had a but event to event 201 now it's sponsored by and that was sponsored by the Gates thing.

RP: yeah yeah.

PT: very interesting. Dr. Ray Peat has with us Patrick Timpone oneradionetwork dot com. He's here on the third Monday and around 10:30 I've started a few minutes late. Stay right there Dr. Peat, we're gonna do a quick break and then we're gonna dig into your emails. [Commercials until 45:11]

PT: Dr. Ray Peat who's been at this health investigative game for 50 years now. You you had your PhD 50 years ago doc?

RP: um, actually it was in 1972.

PT: Oh 72 okay.

RP: yeah

PT: well 40 years oh. yeah what did you when you were back there doing your PhD in there on the whole hormone thing what was your what was your kind of visioning for you did you have an idea or you wanted to go with all of this back there forty years ago?

RP: oh yeah, in 1970 I sketched out about five ideas that I thought might be acceptable to the establishment in the next 10 or 20, at most by the end of the century, and one of those I wrote up a central {??} journal and it was published Gilbert Ling was the editor of that journal published in 1971 and I was sure that those ideas that there was so much movement in that direction I thought they would be the standard by the 1990s and it's true that the supporting evidence also hadn't been a very heavy in that direction but the power from the pharmaceutical industry to return to the 1950 paradigm of how the body works is so great that despite all of the movement in in physics, chemistry, and cell physiology, the investment in medical school advertising, product promotion, and so on has been able to block that out stigmatize the actual facts so that the dogma is now riding so far above the evidence that you see the journals reacting to the COVID problem in basically insane way. I scanned through the PubMed what what the journals were saying about nitric oxide, for example. There's overwhelming recommendation in the journals to treat COVID by having the person breathe nitric oxide or take drugs that will increase its production. Pulmonary hypertension has been actually treated by giving them sodenophil, what's what's a male erection drug called, to create more nitric oxide as a treatment for lung problems but in fact inflammation anywhere, especially in the lungs, creates more nitric oxide, nitric oxide creates inflammation and tissue damage, and people who are susceptible to lung disease. For example, the people before they go to a high altitude, the ones who are going to get altitude sickness with COVID-like symptoms in their lungs, these people are already at sea level exhaling more nitric oxide than normal, and as they ascend the nitric oxide increases and develops into pulmonary respiratory problems, edema of the lungs. So they take some mechanical dogma promoted by drug salesmen saying that this is how the drug works and that it will kill viruses, for example, so it's appropriate. But it means that they're recommending that the harmful things at the same time they're denying like Lancet immediately came out with a journal article saying: do not give a treatment that would be appropriate for high-altitude pulmonary edema, don't use losartan, for example. And when all of this proves to be absolutely a hundred and eighty degrees false that they'll just blindly go on and and say well that that never happened we've always recommended anti-inflammatory things and and treating the symptoms and so on.

PT: in simplest terms in seventy one when you submitted this this article to Gilbert Ling what was the basic differences. what you were saying about how the body works and what the AMA and the rest were saying for example?

RP: that the cell is structured all the way down to the atomic level. Water is organized in the healthy living state, and the disorganization of the cell starting with the water can be measured. You can see the precancerous conditions by measuring the water and you can see the effect of aging, stress, estrogen excess as changes in the water structure. In the animal it'll happen 1/2 of a life span away from the terminal state, but you can see it coming if you look at the the fine structure of the cell, especially the water.

PT: so what Pollack and other people are arguing, Dr. Pollack, the water structure inside our bodies is important

RP: oh yeah yeah, it's the idea that the the cell energy exists in the form of structure.

PT: structure, and there is evidence that 5G and other electromagnetic fields disrupts the structure of the water in the body.

RP: yeah, in 1968 just before I went to start graduate school I visited a lab in in Russia Yuri Kholodov who had been studying the electromagnetic and magnetic fields effects on cell water, cell structure, and he gave me a great list of studies that had already been done and those just generally weren't available and were totally unknown in US science.

PT: in what year is this?

RP: 68

PT: Wow. 68! this was pre pre cellphones. He was talking about what kind of electrical forces.

RP: he was using all sorts of direct steady magnetic fields but but the worst our particular frequencies that the cell resonates to.

PT: have ever been any studies with cell phones or cell phone towers or and Wi-Fi is tying all this in together?

RP: oh yeah lots of studies but the proportion of them focusing on how it acts on water structure it's still very small.

PT: mm-hmm most of the studies they've done and what the potential ill effects of cellphones are just simply the heat that comes out of these? Is it correct?

RP: that that was the main line story starting back in nineteen forties and fifties when sailors that were being melted by getting in front of a radar the scientific response was it's all the heat and that has gone on all through the last century claiming that there is no effect other than heat and and so if if the energy level is too small to heat the cell, then there's nothing else that can do. That that ignores the fact all radiation interacts with matter with a sort of an antenna effect and then turn of radio or television is stretching a conductor out through space so it absorbs long wave energy and allows it to be extended to your detector but x-rays and ultraviolet and so on molecular electronic resonance within a molecule or inside an atom, it's still the principle of an antenna. The wavelength relating to the structure that is organized will act on that structure and excited change its chemical properties and so on. And if you deny that there is any meaningful structure between molecular size and the whole cell size, then you are deliberately blinding yourself to all of these antenna effects that relate to frequencies that can resonate with all of the size ranges between a molecule and the cell or an organ. In studies with monkeys and and rats, they found that the wavelength equivalent to the size of the brain or the capsule around any organ is more toxic than wavelengths, for example, if you have a wavelength that at an inch long or three inches long the inch long will affect glands of that size, for example, the gonads the one that's three inches long will affect the brain more than the gonads and the same principle applies to all of the levels downward especially all of the levels of organization inside the cell.

PT: so you're saying that if if the basic structure is denied by the science and are you saying they'll never get to the truth of the effects of EMFS?

RP: yeah part of that denial is to say that everything that happens inside the cell is like the reactions that would happen in a test tube. It's molecules in solutions simply and it's the membrane that acts like the test tube and that all of standard biochemistry is committed to this dogma that if you grind up a cell and put it in a test tube with a watery solution, you can infer anything that happens in the test tube to what happens in the cell because it's all a matter of randomness in solution even though you grind up the cell and destroy the life of the cell which is what you were trying to study.

PT: you're painting the picture if we if we allowing this dogma to control the science behind all the EMFs it doesn't really paint a very favorable picture for consumers to ever have this technology get fixed or slowed down or stopped?

RP: yeah and people just have to start seeing that that the the science that's used as a marketing tool to say it's all safe and don't don't study it anymore. It applies to actually every part of the medical, pharmaceutical industries because they're all denying the meaning of structure in the cell.

PT: all including the AMA?

RP: yeah

PT the structure. Wow. so how did you how did you get onto this so early on what what was your awakening moment?

RP: Oh gradually political at listening to politicians and discovering that their all lying almost all the time made me suspicious of especially when politics and medicine get connected. I started listening for the lies and and started to see that not only medicine but basic science they don't want any questions asked about their assumptions. And I spoke to a few famous biochemists and asked them if if they didn't think it would be better to use techniques that studied biochemistry and biophysics inside cells rather than squashing the cell putting it in a test tube. And they just laughed and scoffed: what a ridiculous idea.

PT: Dr. Ray Peat, PhD. We're gonna dig back and and get some leftovers from last month and I'm sorry we get behind because it's so fascinating talking with this man. Here is an email, Dr. Peat. They want to know about the time off Progest-e as in a natural cycle when ingested or rubbed on the gums and he he said which he did answer. "but I did want to know if time off is also necessary if it is used only by rubbing into skin and also if that would be the same for males."

RP: Oh it's when you're using big doses that you feel systemically that's where the that the liver becomes more and more active at excreting it when you're getting these big doses on the level of normal menstrual cycle and after two weeks of using it your liver is throwing it off quickly so it would only keep rising if you became pregnant and that means that if you are not pregnant and have to keep dosing it. That the dose would have to increase in proportions of the livers activity so to make it more efficient laying off for a week or two let your liver reset so that you're not excreting it so fast but if you're just using it for a topical effect for, like a sprain or a burn or something your local effect, is not going to be harmed.

PT: here's an email from Rosie. She said I've been I've been on synthroid for 30 years and because of the current virus have been starting to take my temperature. It is about ninety six and a half to ninety seven and a half. what can I do to to cause my thyroid to function more normally? she wants to get her temperature up.

RP: The conversion, especially, it happens mostly in the liver but in each tissue that needs energy it requires glucose and selenium to do the conversion. And women by having higher estrogen production automatically have a weaker thyroid function systemically. That's why women have about five times the rate of thyroid problems because the estrogen affects the liver and that and the thyroid. Sometimes selenium or getting more sugar in the diet like orange juice more conveniently. Sometimes that will get the conversion going but sometimes a few doses of progesterone can shift the balance, activating the thyroid gland and liver, which will then tend to stabilize your blood sugar so that the glucose is available for doing the conversion of t4 to t3.

PT: I see, all right. Interesting. Mark wants to know what do I take for a cold sore and what causes them.

RP: Oh almost always herpes virus, and the stress, systemic stress, pituitary activation is behind the nerve it's the same thing your energy dips and lets the nerve get excited and the excitation of the nerve give us a virus a chance to reproduce and travel out to the skin. And so basically keeping your your thyroid hormone up so that your blood sugar is stable and doesn't let your nerves go into these stress states and prolonged excitation and then topically aspirin will systemically, aspirin is antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory, so it can reduce the number of outbreaks as well as minimizing the extent of the damage but putting a concentrated solution of aspirin in alcohol, for example, on the outbreak is a safe way to reduce the growth of the sore and spreading.

PT: so many people have I've talked about over the years of how this little herpes thing doesn't really want to ever go away and it keeps popping back up under stress is there something unique with this virus that seems to be I guess everywhere? Is just isn't it know that it wants to hang out and doesn't want to just stay more dormant?

RP: I think it's just the stressfulness of society, not very good diet, electromagnetic stress in the background all the time.

PT: and it just seems to be one of the ones that pop out more frequently for whatever reason.

RP: Here is an email from Eric. He's in Finland good for Finland. I have heard that as much as 10,000 IU's of vitamin D during a pandemic and otherwise a daily basis. So what is Dr. Peat thinks about this whole five thousand of every day but ten thousand during a pandemic of vitamin D.

RP: yeah it's it overlaps with progesterone in its self protective stabilizing actions and it's been recognized as improving immunity against viruses but it's working on the same energy stabilizing system it's being considered one of the neuro-steroids along with progesterone for brain protective effect.

PT: just reminder on one radio network and all of our guests we don't give any kind of medical advice we're not qualified we just give ideas about a research and do as you will and take responsibility for anything that you do in your life and we like to remind you that. From Chris and Canada: what could possibly cause sudden drop in blood pressure to something like 79 over 59 making the person's arms feel numb and progressing to the rest of the body just for a minute or two and then the blood pressure could return to normal. what could possibly be causing that?

RP: digestive things are sometimes behind a surge of toxins from the intestine, for example. I don't think any particular hormones have been identified for those sudden sudden sharp drops. I think in the background a low thyroid people are more likely to experience those, similar to a person who's been squatting for an hour or so, standing up will a more likely experience blacking out the blood pressure doesn't respond as quickly if you have a background of a below thyroid activity.

PT: so getting dizzy one one is down that was said to be adrenal but you're suggesting that's a low thyroid?

RP: yeah the adrenals don't respond as quickly when your thyroid is low.

PT: mm-hmm here's another listener. This one in Europe in Germany from Nuri. What's the physiological dosage writes Nuri of the T4 thyroid hormone? I take 175 but I still have hypothyroid symptoms and tend to have hyper adrenal function which I block with propranolol {?}

RP: T4 isn't the thyroid hormone. it's a precursor to the active hormone. And it's the same as as with women several times more frequently than men, but it can happen in men too that the conversion many things such as a selenium deficiency can make the liver and other tissues reluctant to convert the T4 to the active hormone. Prolonged stress hormones will tend to make it go the wrong direction towards reverse t3 rather than active t3 and getting a better diet, but the simplest thing is to use a combination such as natural. The traditional Armour thyroid was what thyroid treatment was based on for the first 50 or 60 years and then the drug companies got involved testing their t4 product on young male medical students healthy male young individuals and they said work just like the thyroid hormone just like the natural thing, but it's exactly slightly older women who they should have tested it one because you would have found that in women in their 30s and 40s, for example, just about as often as it improves things that makes things worse to take thyroxine.

PT: I see so what if there are people that offer just I don't it's not desiccated I guess it just beef thyroid from grass-fed cows and that's what it is somehow they try it. I mean would you have to be careful taking that?

RP: the the government required meat packers to discard the thyroid gland starting in the early 1940s. Before that it had been included in sausages and people living on farms would include the thyroid in soups and sausages, the regular diet would would include maybe half a grain equivalent 30 milligrams of gland, if they were eating chicken or fish or maybe sausage regularly.

PT: so just interested dried-up thyroids and these are from I think New Zeland who would that have all the good stuff the people want and they could try this instead of the set of the other you know pharmaceutical stuff. you know?

RP: The thing is the Armour used to have a standardized way of extracting the fat, and dehydrating it and testing the potency on mice.Every batch so every Armour thyroid pill was highly standardized with biological testing and now none of that was done the preparation is very different and so you can hardly tell what to expect when you take a natural thyroid product.

PT: I see so early on Armour, you were saying we're just doing similar to what you could actually get online without a prescription, just a beef.

RP: yeah some of them that are of defatted and dehydrated and the pure stuff will be three times as strong as the old Armour. Very very potent, and others prepared in different ways will be so weak you hardly feel the effect if you take a hundred and fifty milligrams of it.

PT: Very interesting. This is from Thomas he's in Sweden. Boy, we have a European contingency: all these are from last month, I'm still working on last month's emails, Got. Let's see. It was quite a nightly problem with leg cramps and I was trying things like magnesium potassium supplements and it would get really bad if I had indulgence something sweet or salty in the evening finally I understood the best cure for this was almost instantaneous was to limp over to the kitchen and drink a big glass of water now I just wonder what could be the root cause of this if the hydration could have fixed the problem?

RP: Um possibly dehydration, yeah the the pH of the blood changes, if you're suddenly dehydrated. Milk is a very good bedtime snack because it lowers several of the stress, almost all of the stress hormones, are lowered by the content of milk.

PT: so the idea, that's where it comes from: Some milk before bed kind of works, Dr. Peat.

RP: Somebody wants to know about your soap. Is there any natural soap sort of, Or without PUFAs? Are we get PUFAs by using soaps?

RP: coconut and olive oils are the traditional best for soaps and the polyunsaturated fats tend to make the soap go rancid quickly so that's why they've historically preferred coconut oil coconut and olive oil.

RP: Do you think the extra virgin or, I think, you had a favorite kind of coconut oil, is a good thing for many people, most, you use your words to consume regularly, like a big glob of? it is a good for us?

PT: if it's well refined some people are very allergic to coconut so it's good to be cautious. Even some refining doesn't get the. If it has a fragrant coconut older then you have to watch out for the allergens.

PT: But allergic reactions your only cautionary tale for coconut?

RP: yeah otherwise it very safe and helps to oppose the toxic effects of polyunsaturated fats.

PT: oh it's a counter to PUFAs.

RP: Yeah.

PT: oh that's great. but you like to refine because of the allergy allergy potential

RP: yeah, some people will have a very strong asthma attack or hemorrhoids or other symptom form it.

PT: here's an email from Mary. Can Dr. Peat talk about the physiologic effect of norepinephrine and noradrenaline?

RP: They're the same thing.

PT: same thing? okay.

RP: the nor is the types of nerves other than the adrenal-gland form but but their effect is very similar.

PT: mm-hmm. here's a good one: 50 year old woman slightly overweight menopausal. I drink milk OJ, collagen, and honey before bed I seem to wake up every day at 3 a.m. wide awake, difficult to fall back to sleep. Any thoughts?

RP: um it's okay to just wake up and and have have a snack, at last milk or orange juice as the liver gets inefficient from such things as PUFA exposure, estrogen exposure, or hypothyroid or other nutritional deficiencies. Uh. it becomes less able to store glycogen enough for the whole night.

RP: mm-hmm Anne is also in Finland. She says: Can you give some advice on how to get rid of varicose veins. Is natural progesterone lotion useful?

RP: it can help. But getting your estrogen under control. The reason they so commonly develop during pregnancy is not only the the pressure on the veins and the pelvis but but the estrogen stops the muscle, reduces the smooth muscle tone, and progesterone activates a smooth muscle contraction so getting the ratio in your body systemically in favor of progesterone is the important thing. The veins are just a symptom. Your whole body is experiencing an imbalance so your health will benefit if you have a blood test, for example, and get your progesterone at least, depending on your age, but it should be a few times at least greater than the estrogen level.

PT: here's an interesting question this is from George he is in I don't know where he is. When I have something with butter and a little maple syrup in the middle of the night it really helps me to go back to sleep sometime for four or five hours what it could this be telling me about my body? that's a good question what could that be saying that George body is needing more of?

RP: the maple syrup comes with some very good minerals: a lot of potassium that helps the sugar work, and the sugar is kept in your stomach and the intestine longer when there's butter with it?

PT: that's great here's one for you. Are tamarinds and persimmons good and safe to eat?

RP: yes.

PT hmm. here's one for you. what are some natural foods and supplements that Dr. Peat has seen to be successful in restoring a full head of hair to a person experiencing what appears to me male pattern baldness? Okay. have you come up with some things over the years the guys have used to get back the old hair?

RP: it requires your whole course of of health problems. The hair loss tends to coincide with circulatory problems and behind the circulatory problems are metabolic problems. So the things to work on are getting your vitamin D up, your thyroid and progesterone and DHEA up. And your cortisol and the the other stress hormones: aldosterone and parathyroid hormone are very destructive to the hair follicle and blood vessels and and heart. And so if you change your metabolism: lowering parathyroid hormone and aldosterone and and cortisol and all of the stress-related hormones including prolactin that's going to save your circulatory system as well as your hair.

PT: so along with everything else when we react to things in the world and angst and stress and worry you can lose here over that.

RP: yeah and at the same time your whole health and suffering.

PT: well do we know the physiological phenomena going on with the gray and why some people gray early is there any science behind that do we know?

RP: yeah I've thought about it experimented with quite a lot I started getting individual white eyebrows when I was in my 40s and I was thinking about the melanin in the brain of being deficient in Parkinson's disease and thinking about what happens in that process. I realized that an excess of iron competes against copper and copper is the enzyme that makes the the dark pigment. And too much iron will simply get in the way and knock the copper out of out of your pigment enzymes. And I didn't want to try it just eating copper. I made a solution put a penny a real copper penny in a little bottle of water with an aspirin tablet and about half a spoonful of vinegar. So it had two acidic things to help the solvent. So it was copper aspirinate and copper acetate that I was using in the solution and I found I put a drop of that on the white here and watched it closely they grow very very fast. The very next day and very visibly on the second day, I could see black pigment appearing at the root that just essentially an instantaneous restoration of pigment formation.

PT: oh that's pretty cool. so. you go ahead.

RP: I did that on several arrows, at different stages of their growth. I would find one that was just starting out with the white tip and applied the copper. the rest of it would with just one application the remaining hair would come out pigmented.

PT: did you ever do like a lot of it? and do it on top of your head you haven't?

RP: after that I started getting white whiskers on my cheeks back in and I thought it would be a good test to put it under my lip a little test of white whiskers and by that time the penny had been sitting in the solution for a month and was very blue and I had a burning sensation and went to wash it off quickly and it kept burning so I kept dabbing it with water and finally looked to see what had happened what caused that persistent stinging and rather than just panning a red area found a brown more light elevation all around those white whiskers it had produced an instant mole, in effect, elevated pigmented cells.

PT: wow you did a lot of pigmentation?

RP: yeah and changed the structure of the cells had invaded the area and as so I just watched it over period of a month that that had leveled out and disappeared but that got me interested in the the phenomenon of pigment cell migration in the skin and that cells, it turns out, that pigment cells can swim through the seemingly solid a structure of your skin they can travel almost an inch a day in warm weather when your skin temperatures around 90 degrees. They can migrate with amazing speed and I found that if I provided them with the the nutrients that they needed, which included copper, that they would that a mole will disperse or move will fade out and go back to being a normal pigmented skin.

PT: so interesting so you did the copper, aspirin and vinegar, copper penny?

RP: yeah I found it that on my sideburns only about 10% of the white hairs reverted to black pigment formation after one application and I realized that's because where eyebrows has a lifespan of only about a month your facial hairs and and head hairs live years and any one application is only going to affect a small percentage that are in the right phase of growth.

PT: I wonder if there be a source of copper you could experiment with other than trying to find a pre-64 penny?

RP: Yeah, I've decided just to eat more oysters.

PT: oysters?

RP: yeah, as a very strong source of copper.

PT: Ah interesting yeah you know in Vedic medicine they they recommend folks put their water in a copper vessel in the fridge and drink some of that every day.

RP: yeah that's safe.

PT: that's pretty safe, yeah that's really fun. interesting. here is Cody in the Vero Beach Florida have a question about vaccines Dr. Peat had discussed how some vaccines and adjuncts more or less permanently alter our body being as they are. That so many people even those born as early as 1950s have been subjected to vaccines and harmful adjuvants even since a young age. Are are those that had vaccines hopeless in ever having true health? Is a damage of the vaccine significant enough that no amount of good diet, healthy life and metabolic energy can reverse it?

RP: if you look at the inflammatory and degenerative disease: trend in young people starting that with the great expansion of vaccination in America in the late 1980s the increase of of allergies and young people and all of the inflammatory degenerative diseases, there's a steady sharp increase starting around that year when the vaccine expansion happened so it's hard to explain this deterioration of health otherwise. And it just makes it more urgent that these people start doing as many things right and to basically start being skeptical about recommendations of the medical system.

PT: here's some good questions for that haven't been asked before. we like new things, that's always good. Mathias. he says does Dr. believe in the zeitgeist that proclaims homosexuals or born that way?

RP: well, there are enough studies in in animals as well as as people during a stress situations such as famines, pregnancy subjected to extreme stress, will cause great changes in their sexual behavior including the sexual preference.

PT: so could be something that, an idea and a feeling of anna tendency that could happen from birth that...

RP: yeah, everything that happens to you have during gestation is shaping you, your your whole system of mental functions emotions physical shape, rate of metabolism, all of that.

PT: this just in. this would be a timely thing go ahead and mention it Supreme Court out with the decision today, landmark, which now features two new justices appointed by President Trump. Gay, lesbian, bisexual trans- individuals cannot legally be discriminated against by employees meaning they can't be fired nor hired simply by being LGBTQ. just out this morning. so that ties in with that and how does doctor feel about abortions. wow they're really going after you this morning, abortions.

RP: feel about what?

PT: abortions.

RP: it's best to control your your conception but sometimes the the there's just not a system for properly sustaining the pregnancy in the healthy way. So it it's never a good thing in any sense but avoiding worse things I think it's proper thing.

PT: do you have you any theories about a when soul comes into the body?

RP: oh I think it's there before the body, there's continuity of of soul.

PT: In everything, right?

RP: yeah.

PT here's another interesting one When you're looking back on your life and reflecting what's the advice you would give someone maybe 50 years younger than you? So uh Dr. Peat you've had your a body about eighty three years, right? 83?

RP: mm-hm.

PT: All right. So here's someone saying okay I'm 33 what advice can you give me?

RP: Oh, stay alert this main thing. Times are gonna get worse.

PT: to stay aware of what's what's going on in the world?

RP: yeah mm-hmm. RP: couple more. Then and we'll let you go. good questions this morning. Thanks. What does Dr. Peat think about water filter through a Berkey water filter I know it's not reverse osmosis but a lot of credible people seem to like it. Does it remove fluoride and other things?

RP: I don't know what that kind is. Reverse osmosis is good.

PT: yeah, I don't know about Berkey either. Dr. Daniels has mentioned on Patrick show that sauerkraut used for internal scouring do you know about this and can suggest it or add something else for internal scarring.

RP: what kind of juice?

PT: sauerkraut juice.

RP: oh I don't know. Tastes nice if person finds it pleasing, the salt can be a protective relaxing factor. I don't don't think it has any harmful effect.

PT: this is from JD. Can Dr. Peat give me ideas on getting rid of ulcers? What would you do to help somebody get rid of ulcers? I suspect, I don't know they're talking about stomach ulcers. right? so is there a connection between some kind of a bacteria what's it called,

RP: yeah but pylori

PT: what do you know about stomach ulcers?

RP: the stress predisposes the stomach to poor for immunity. Properly working digestive system is sterile and that depends on complete good nutrition with good thyroid function. And getting a vigorous digestive process, lots of stomach, a quick production of digestive fluids, quick peristalsis all of that will keep your upper digestive tract completely sterile.

PT: do you think the the meme that's out there that as we age we lose stomach acid? you think there is anything to that?

RP: yeah the stress hormones increase and the the energy hormones decrease that with age thyroid becomes less effective because of anti-thyroid factors, inflammatory mediators: the things that promote fibrosis and scarring and atrophy and inflammation all tend to increase with aging and so all of the energizing anti-inflammatory things offset the the aging process.

PT: so could that be a tie-in with people who are not busy and whatever family disconnecting and on medicine and in nursing homes that they're. All just piles on one another.

RP: yeah, and the things that have become so obvious with the COVID treatment and and the facts of natural immunity to the COVID are revealing new things about how to offset aging because the things that cause the atrophy of aging predispose to the serious symptoms from the virus and so, for example, the the losartan or the angiotensin receptor blockers that have been so effective against the symptoms of COVID, also offset many of the problems of aging: nerve degeneration Alzheimer's-type things, muscle frailty osteoporosis everything. There's no distinction between the degeneration of aging and the degeneration that kills you from a flu infection.

PT: Dr. Ray Peat final question and we'll let you go. so in your all your experience being on this planet 83 years and looking at this for 50 years or so do you think it's at all possible that a safe and effective virus for this COVID 19 whatever it is could be available in the Fall or even early next year.

RP: A vaccine? No. has there ever been a safe and effective vaccine? The the whole issue of safety testing has been fraudulent. The CDC disobeyed an order of Congress in not doing safety studies when they gave the pharmaceutical industry immunity from damages caused by killing people with bad vaccines. When they gave them that immunity, they were obligated by Congress to do safety testing and report every two years. For 30 years they did absolutely nothing and the safety testing that has been done, for example, if you think that the aluminum adjuvant has been causing deaths and brain damage, and you would test it against a blank something for sure not containing aluminum. But they used aluminum in the so called placebo they used a toxic placebo to measure the toxicity of the vaccine. Deliberate, intentional fraud.

PT: so Bobby Kennedy in his group did a FOIA request for safe and effective studies and they just turned up empty. so you're you're suggesting that even from measles. mumps, or rubella there has never been safe and effective testing done on these guys.

RP: and the same with flu vaccine.

PT: Flu vaccines, never.

RP: and I think this is important to look at at who the US Public Health Service and the CDC is who they are and who the organization has been what they've been doing right historically. During my lifetime there have been just horrible incredible scandals that they managed to keep secret. They said if some good organization found out about this, there could be a lot of smoke, for example, that they were infecting orphans in Guatemala with syphilis as part of a secret experiment, that they were covering up evidence of radiation damage from nuclear accidents in experimental reactors in the United states and from Three Mile Island. They've been on the side of the offenders keeping the information from the public.

PT: Dr. Ray Peat PhD. He's here on the third Monday of every month. Dr. Peat thanks so much for your time once a month. We really appreciate it. raypeat dot com and you can click on the link and then it'll take you right to raypeatsnewsletter at gmail.com if you'd like to sign up and they just send you an email and then you work it out with the folks, right? Well, Dr. Peat, happy painting and we'll talk to you next month. let us know if there's ever anything we can do for you if we can help you get any additional information how we're always available.

RP: okay thank you.

PT: thank you, sir, bye-bye. [closing remarks.]


Aug 31, 2015
Regarding gray hair, I want to mention that besides a good thyroid, red light, copper ... folic acid is also important, which is easily lost when estrogen is high, retinoids, UV, alcohol, maybe even coffee ...

Oxidative stress by decreasing melanin production contributes to depigmentation.

As a tyrosine derivative, melanin is responsible for pigmentation.

Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid inhibit the production of excess homocysteine. Homocysteine regulates the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, and in excess homocysteine generates free radicals (hydrogen peroxide), which leads to the destruction of melanocytes and hair bleaching.

“Age pigment, lipofuscin, is produced in oxygen deprivation, apparently from reduced iron which attacks unsaturated fats. It has its own “respiratory” activity, acting as an NADH-oxidase. Melanin is produced by polymerization of amino acids, with copper as the catalyst. With ageing, iron tends to replace copper. Melanin is an antioxidant. Thus, there is a sort of reciprocal relationship between the two types of pigment. A vitamin E deficiency relative to consumption of polyunsaturated fats, and an oestrogen excess, accelerate the formation of lipofuscin.” Ray Peat


As the scientific knowledge deepens, we continue to discover more about the role of melanin and the triggering factors for grey hair. Scientist may one day at will, manipulate Melanin – the pigment that colors our hair and skin – to reduce and even eliminate grey hair.

To recap, melanin is a form of an amino acid known as tyrosine, which helps support healthy brain function. As a derivative of tyrosine, melanin is responsible for the pigmentation – essentially the color of our hair and skin. In addition to providing us with our unique skin and hair colors, melanin’s primary function is to absorb harmful UVA rays and transform them into energy, thus reducing our chance of developing deadly skin diseases and cancers. Melanin deficiency can result in a range of diseases, including albinism an even Parkinson’s Diseases – and of course, this deficiency also directly contributes to grey hair.

Studies have shown that hair with large amounts of melanin are more saturated in color than their deficient counterparts; therefore, when melanin death occurs (which can arise due to the natural aging process, stress and genetics), the hair follicles become less saturated with color and are effectively bleached into grey hair. So it stands to reason that if a decrease in melanin production contributes to greying, then an increase in melanin production can re-saturate the hair with pigmentation, thereby effectively reversing the process.

And that’s exactly what scientists set out to test.

In a two-year study conducted by the Department of Dermatology at University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, researchers discovered that folic acid, vitamin B12 (also called cobalamin) and sun exposure could help encourage re-pigmentation of the skin and hair. One hundred patients with vitiligo – a condition where the skin loses its pigmentation – were treated with folic acid and B12, and told to increase their exposure to the sun. After three to six months, researchers noted that re-pigmentation was evident in 64% of patients, with six patients experiencing total re-pigmentation.

These findings were further supported by a study conducted by researchers at the Department of Dermatology at the University of Alabama, where scientists discovered that patients who suffered from vitiligo often displayed diminished blood levels of folic acid. By increasing folic acid consumption through oral administration, researchers noted that patients experienced re-pigmentation without side effects.

How the Lack of These 2 Vitamins May Be Causing Your Gray Hair!


Improvement of Vitiligo After Oral Treatment With Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid and the Importance of Sun Exposure

The aim of this 2-year study was to test the hypothesis that folic acid, vitamin B12 and sun exposure could be helpful in treating vitiligo. One hundred patients with vitiligo were treated with oral folic acid and vitamin B12 after being informed that sun exposure might enhance repigmentation. They were requested to keep a record of sun exposure in summer and UVB irradiation in winter. The minimal treatment time suggested was 3-6 months but should be longer if improvement was achieved. Clear repigmentation occurred in 52 patients, including 37 who exposed their skin to summer sun and 6 who used UVB lamps in winter. Repigmentation was most evident on sun-exposed areas, where 38% of the patients had previously noted repigmentation during summer months. Total repigmentation was seen in 6 patients. The spread of vitiligo stopped in 64% of the patients after treatment. Folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation combined with sun exposure can induce repigmentation better than either the vitamins or sun exposure alone. Treatment should continue as long as the white areas continue to repigment. Further studies are needed to determine ideal minimal dosages of vitamins and UV exposure, as well as treatment time.

Improvement of Vitiligo After Oral Treatment With Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid and the Importance of Sun Exposure - PubMed


Senile Hair Graying: H2O2-mediated Oxidative Stress Affects Human Hair Color by Blunting Methionine Sulfoxide Repair


Senile graying of human hair has been the subject of intense research since ancient times. Reactive oxygen species have been implicated in hair follicle melanocyte apoptosis and DNA damage. Here we show for the first time by FT-Raman spectroscopy in vivo that human gray/white scalp hair shafts accumulate hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) in millimolar concentrations. Moreover, we demonstrate almost absent catalase and methionine sulfoxide reductase A and B protein expression via immunofluorescence and Western blot in association with a functional loss of methionine sulfoxide (Met-S=O) repair in the entire gray hair follicle. Accordingly, Met-S=O formation of Met residues, including Met 374 in the active site of tyrosinase, the key enzyme in melanogenesis, limits enzyme functionality, as evidenced by FT-Raman spectroscopy, computer simulation, and enzyme kinetics, which leads to gradual loss of hair color. Notably, under in vitro conditions, Met oxidation can be prevented by L-methionine. In summary, our data feed the long-voiced, but insufficiently proven, concept of H(2)O(2)-induced oxidative damage in the entire human hair follicle, inclusive of the hair shaft, as a key element in senile hair graying, which does not exclusively affect follicle melanocytes. This new insight could open new strategies for intervention and reversal of the hair graying process.

Senile Hair Graying: H2O2-mediated Oxidative Stress Affects Human Hair Color by Blunting Methionine Sulfoxide Repair - PubMed


The Vitamin D–Folate Hypothesis as an Evolutionary Model for Skin Pigmentation: An Update and Integration of Current Ideas


Vitamin D is unique in being generated in our skin following ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure. Ongoing research into vitamin D must therefore always consider the influence of UVR on vitamin D processes. The close relationship between vitamin D and UVR forms the basis of the “vitamin D–folate hypothesis”, a popular theory for why human skin colour has evolved as an apparent adaption to UVR environments. Vitamin D and folate have disparate sensitivities to UVR; whilst vitamin D may be synthesised following UVR exposure, folate may be degraded. The vitamin D–folate hypothesis proposes that skin pigmentation has evolved as a balancing mechanism, maintaining levels of these vitamins. There are several alternative theories that counter the vitamin D–folate hypothesis. However, there is significant overlap between these theories and the now known actions of vitamin D and folate in the skin. The focus of this review is to present an update on the vitamin D–folate hypothesis by integrating these current theories and discussing new evidence that supports associations between vitamin D and folate genetics, UVR, and skin pigmentation. In light of recent human migrations and seasonality in disease, the need for ongoing research into potential UVR-responsive processes within the body is also discussed.

The Vitamin D–Folate Hypothesis as an Evolutionary Model for Skin Pigmentation: An Update and Integration of Current Ideas


The Vitamin D–Folate Hypothesis as an Evolutionary Model for Skin Pigmentation: An Update and Integration of Current Ideas


Vitamin D is unique in being generated in our skin following ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure. Ongoing research into vitamin D must therefore always consider the influence of UVR on vitamin D processes. The close relationship between vitamin D and UVR forms the basis of the “vitamin D–folate hypothesis”, a popular theory for why human skin colour has evolved as an apparent adaption to UVR environments. Vitamin D and folate have disparate sensitivities to UVR; whilst vitamin D may be synthesised following UVR exposure, folate may be degraded. The vitamin D–folate hypothesis proposes that skin pigmentation has evolved as a balancing mechanism, maintaining levels of these vitamins. There are several alternative theories that counter the vitamin D–folate hypothesis. However, there is significant overlap between these theories and the now known actions of vitamin D and folate in the skin. The focus of this review is to present an update on the vitamin D–folate hypothesis by integrating these current theories and discussing new evidence that supports associations between vitamin D and folate genetics, UVR, and skin pigmentation. In light of recent human migrations and seasonality in disease, the need for ongoing research into potential UVR-responsive processes within the body is also discussed.

The Vitamin D–Folate Hypothesis as an Evolutionary Model for Skin Pigmentation: An Update and Integration of Current Ideas


Albinism is a genetic disorder that affects (completely or partially) the coloring of skin, hair, and eyes. The defect is primarily due to the inability of melanocytes to produce melanin.

Pigmentation | Biology for Majors II


Melanin occurs in two primary forms. Eumelanin, the most common form of melanin, exists as black and brown, whereas pheomelanin provides a red color. Dark-skinned individuals produce more melanin than those with pale skin. Exposure to the UV rays of the sun or a tanning salon causes melanin to be manufactured and built up in keratinocytes, as sun exposure stimulates keratinocytes to secrete chemicals that stimulate melanocytes. The accumulation of melanin in keratinocytes results in the darkening of the skin, or a tan. This increased melanin accumulation protects the DNA of epidermal cells from UV ray damage and the breakdown of folic acid, a nutrient necessary for our health and well-being. In contrast, too much melanin can interfere with the production of vitamin D, an important nutrient involved in calcium absorption. Thus, the amount of melanin present in our skin is dependent on a balance between available sunlight and folic acid destruction, and protection from UV radiation and vitamin D production.

Pigmentation | Biology for Majors II


The pathogenesis of premature canities is not yet clear but various hypotheses have been suggested including alteration in pH and cysteine levels in melanosomes, the role of trace metal ions, vitamin B12 and folic acid, vitamin D3, and oxidative stress.


In the present study, an almost similar percentage of cases and controls were found to have folic acid deficiency (n = 20, 38.5% vs. n = 19, 36.5%). Nevertheless, the mean folic acid levels were found to be significantly lower in cases. It was also noted that 65% of cases with folic acid deficiency had concomitant Vitamin B12 deficiency as compared to 21% of controls. In addition, the serum folic acid levels correlated positively (Spearman ρ = 0.173) with serum Vitamin B12 levels though this was not significant (P = 0.221). It is a well-known fact that Vitamin B12 deficiency impairs the metabolism of folic acid, leading to a functional folate deficiency (the folate trap). In the present study, we got a deficiency of both the micronutrients suggesting possible role of both Vitamin B12 and folic acid in premature canities.

Prospective Analytical Controlled Study Evaluating Serum Biotin, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid in Patients with Premature Canities


It has been stated that the default human skin color is most closely related to that of Ethiopians (a light brown shade). However, as stated above, there is a large variation in colors. Obviously, there is a factor that alters the default situation to other tones. Essentially, there is an adaptation that causes a lighter skin color and an adaptation that creates a darker skin color than the default (17, 18).

The darker adaptation seems to come from a need for folate. If there is not enough melanin in the skin at lower latitudes (near the equator), too much UV radiation is able to penetrate the skin. The intense UV causes a halt to the folic acid synthesis - the result of the lack of folate can cause neural tube defects in unborn fetuses. A higher level of melanin allows normal folate synthesis by absorbing the UV radiation, and can allow for normal gestation and fetal development. Essentially, evolution allowed for a feature (darker skin) that would allow healthy and successful reproduction.

The lighter adaptation allows for a greater quantity of vitamin D synthesis. A greater amount of epidermal melanin blocks UV penetration which is needed for the transformation of 7-dehydrocholesterol to calciferol (vitamin D3).



Too much ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin may cause the breakdown of folate in the body, which can cause anemia. Folate is derived from folic acid (one of the B vitamins) in our food. Pregnant women who are deficient in folate are at a higher risk of having miscarriages and babies with neural tube defects. Because folate is needed for DNA replication in dividing cells, its absence can have an effect on many body processes, including the production of sperm cells. It may be that the ability to produce melanin was selected for in our early human ancestors because it helped preserve the body's supply of folate in addition to reducing the chances of developing skin cancer.

Human Biological Adaptability: Skin Color as an Adaptation


“(Vitiligo) has been corrected by giving pantothenic acid or PABA.” (PABA is a constituent of folic acid.) Let’s Get Well, by Adelle Davis, A Signet Book from New American Library.

“Copper-containing polyphenoloxidases such as tyrosinase are involved in the production of melanin from tyrosine. This process is extremely responsive to changes in copper status; loss of pigment from wool, hair, and feathers is a sensitive index to changes in copper deficiency.” Copper in Animals and Man, Volume II, by John Howell, McC., D.V.Sc., F.R.C.Path., Jeffrey M. Gawthorne, Ph.D., CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL.

“Copper, folic acid, and pantothenic acid have been successful in recoloring gray hair.” Know Your Nutrition, by Linda Clark, Keats Publishing, Inc., New Canaan, CT.

Studies Show Which Vitamins to Take for Vitiligo | Recouleur® Vitamins for Vitiligo


Jun 19, 2017
Thanks for the leads on folic acid (and B12) for greying hair, @md_a !
Trying to wrap my head around this research in the light of the undesirable effects of folic acid and B12 as per this thread
DNA Methylation, Aging, And Cancer

Vit D -- folate dualism is interesting.

In normal circumstances (no vitiligo or albinism) and no pregnancy, I think I'd avoid supplementation with b12 as b9: would be making sure I get them from food and keep endotoxin potential low.

Any thoughts ?


Jul 25, 2013
Thanks for the leads on folic acid (and B12) for greying hair, @md_a !
Trying to wrap my head around this research in the light of the undesirable effects of folic acid and B12 as per this thread
DNA Methylation, Aging, And Cancer

Vit D -- folate dualism is interesting.

In normal circumstances (no vitiligo or albinism) and no pregnancy, I think I'd avoid supplementation with b12 as b9: would be making sure I get them from food and keep endotoxin potential low.

Any thoughts ?
Thanks for the transcript! I was looking for that segment where RP talks about putting a penny in vinegar/aspirin.
EMF Mitigation - Flush Niacin - Big 5 Minerals

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