How Wheat Became Toxic



Thanks for this pete. It's very interesting.

Michael Gaenzle, a cereal microbiologist now at the University of Alberta, Canada, has suggested that sourdough cultures are in fact so intimately connected with the people who use them that they form a mutually supportive and sustaining relationship.[7] That is, the microorganisms are part of you (and come from you) and so the bread you ferment with them is tailor made to nourish and support especially you. You bolster your own health by eating bread cultured with your domestic friendly "beasties." This "home advantage" is an obvious traditional benefit conferred on newly married daughters whose mothers included a barrel of sourdough in the wedding dowry to start their new households - to ensure their daughters' health and vigor (especially since they were soon likely to bear children) and provide them extra strength in their new positions in life.

Makes sense.
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